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Offshore Preparation Checklist Rev 2 [PDF] [Excel]

VM2022 Offshore Preparation Seminar

Agenda, Intro and Race Overview [PDF]

Skipper Preparation [PDF]

Crew Selection [PDF]

Why Boats (Don't) Make the Finish Line [PDF]

Safety Framework [PDF]

Well Found Boat and Crew [PDF]

Race Communications [PDF]

Handicapping [PDF]

Teachable Moments [PDF]

Logistics [PDF]

Provisioning (2015) [PDF]

The Finish [PDF]

Offshore First Aid 

Offshore Supplement to Standard First Aid [PDF]
Patient Assessment Form [PDF]
Crew Medical Information Form [PDF]
Selected Medical Topics [PDF]

Suggested Medications [PDF]

Suggested Medical Supplies [PDF]

Ocean Racing - Medical Conditions and Best Practices for Hygiene [PDF]
Food Safety on Ships [PDF]
Link to Ship's Captain Medical Guide [PDF]
Link to International Medical Guide for Ships [PDF]
Link to The Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea [PDF] 

Structural Inspection of Keel, Rudder and Steering System

by Technical Committee, March 1st, 2023

Having your keel fall off the boat in the middle of a race to Maui would probably ruin your whole day. And a rudder and steering failure is not far behind on the list of things you never want to experience at sea. These disasters are not some far-fetched risks dreamed up by boffins in far away London. Such failures happen more regularly than people in the yacht industry care to admit. Read

Emergency Steering

by Technical Committee, February 17th, 2023

Vic-Maui has prepared a downloadable PDF designed to assist entrants with the requirements of OSR 4.15 Emergency Steering. This document, originally written in 2016 by veteran Vic-Maui skipper and mentor Vern Burkhardt, has been updated and amended for the 2024 Vic-Maui Race. Read

Approved Life Jackets

by Technical Committee, April 24th, 2021

The OSRs and Vic-Maui Appendix A to the Notice of Race are quite clear on the requirements to get it right. Read

Life Rafts

by Technical Committee, February 23rd, 2021

First - Get Ready for Your Last Resort. The absolutely last thing any Vic-Maui competitor wants to think about is abandoning the ship half way to Hawaii. Which is precisely why thinking about the life raft should happen early in the process. Read

Weather Considerations

by Vic-Maui Archives - Author Unknown, October 20th, 2009

Sailboat racing is like going to battle. A sound plan of attack is critical to success. To win the battle, the yacht racer needs a sound strategic and tactical plan to overcome the competition. Read

The Tactical Side of Vic-Maui

by Ron Ogilvy, May 23rd, 1998

This race, like most others, can be broken into many segments, each with several tactical options. This article describes some of the choices racers must make during the crossing to Maui. Read

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