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Contents of the "All Years" section

  • All Years Entries lists every boat that entered any race. Occasionally a boat has multiple entries because she sailed in different years with different skippers or for different clubs. Sometimes a boat name is carried forward from one vessel to its replacement and in one race we had two boats with the same name.
  • Results Raw and Trophy Data Raw are simply scanned images of the final working sheets for this information.
  • All Years Results is a tidied up presentation of the raw data. There is one page for each race and they are bookmarked, meaning that if the list of bookmarks is open, you can click on a date and be taken directly to the appropriate page.
  • All Years Trophy Awards is similar to the Results presentation. The first page is an index to the list of trophies and what they represented over the years. Occasionally a trophy, such as Number 05, has been re-assigned once or more as so is listed accordingly. Each trophy is assigned a number and the bookmarks include the number and the trophy’s name. Clicking on a given bookmark will take you to the relevant page.
  • All Years Trustees and Chairs is a one page list of the people who have filled these posts through the years.
  • Montage is simply a few photos from several different races covering most parts of a race.


All Years Entries [PDFCurrent as of Oct 01, 2023
All Years Entries [Excel] Current as of Oct 01, 2023

Results Raw [PDFCurrent as of 2004

Trophy Data Raw  [PDFCurrent as of 2006

All Years Results  [PDFCurrent as of Oct 01, 2022

All Years Trophy Awards [PDF] Current as of Oct 29, 2022

All Years Trustees, Chairs and Commodores [PDFCurrent as of Dec 30, 2022

Montage [PDF]



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