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Vic-Maui Online Entry

Aloha and welcome to the 2018 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race

Kickoff Vic-Maui's Second Half-Century!

The Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race, first contested in 1965 and sailed every second year since 1968, is the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing. Co-hosts the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Lahaina Yacht Club have been preparing for your participation since July 2016.  Come and enjoy a fun filled week of pre-race activities in Victoria, the Capital City of British Columbia and one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.  From Victoria, we give you a unique ocean voyage over a course that is 2308 nautical miles on the rhumb-line.  Vic-Maui challenges sailors to demonstrate their ocean sailing and weather routing skills. Success depends on sailing an optimal track relative to the North Pacific High pressure area and the Northeast Trade Winds.  In Lahaina you will enjoy Hawaiian hospitality including a welcome party and the awards banquet, as well as a well-deserved sojourn in a tropical paradise.

Join the Vic-Maui fleet in 2018 and Kickoff Vic-Maui's Second Half Century!  

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Online Entry [Click Here]: 
the 2018 Vic-Maui fleet is limited to 25 boats
entries open on June 15, 2017
(this link is for skippers who are entering their boats in Vic-Maui)



Entry Fees & Terms

$1,800.00     Boats under 30 feet LOA
$2,200.00     Boats from 30 to under 40 feet LOA
$2,500.00     Boats from 40 to under 50 feet LOA
$2,800.00     Boats from 50 to under 72 feet LOA
$3,600.00     Boats from 72 feet LOA and over

        - 10%     Early Entry Discount (available until September 15, 2017)

Prices are in Canadian dollars.  Applicable taxes are included. Entry is available through an online entry system.  Payment is made by a major credit card at the time of entry.  Vic-Maui entry fees are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Entry acceptance and participation is subject to the event rules, including those set out in the Notice of Race, its addenda and amendments.  Supplemental entry information will be required to complete your entry.  For these and other event documents, please refer to the Vic-Maui website at www.vicmaui.org/documents.  By submitting entry information to Vic-Maui, you are consenting to Vic-Maui using your personal information for the purposes of organizing and running Vic-Maui and its related events.  Vic-Maui does not rent or sell personal information to third parties.  


Declaration Forms - Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk

As conditions of entry acceptance and participation in the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race, 
(1) the person in charge of the boat will be required to complete and execute an Owner/Charterer Declaration Form - Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk, and 
(2) each crew member will be required to complete and execute a Crew Declaration Form - Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk

These forms are available for review on the Vic-Maui website at www.vicmaui.org/documents.


For more information, please contact:


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