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Name Position Availability Gender
Residence Age Phone Email
Graham Andrews Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Merville, BC Canada 62 2267574505 Send Email
5 decades of Great Lakes and Blue water sailing/racing,from Lasers to Swan 65\\\'s. watch helmsman on "Kings Legend" during the 2003 Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge (DCNAC) transatlantic race. (See Sailing World, Feb., 2004 for first hand account written by self and fellow crew members). Currently own the C&C 41 "Northern Dancer". Keen, compatible, and capable in any position. 
RJ Barnes Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Portland, Oregon United States 55 541-232-9687 Send Email
*willing to help with either race or delivery* I have sailed on and off for about 15 years. I own and race a Ranger 26. I have raced on Olson 25, Wilderness 30, and C&C 35. I have completed the California Offshore Week and have sailed up and down the west coast. I can fill in pretty much wherever you need. I am in good physical shape. I also plan on having my safety at sea courses completed this winter. And, cause it's the reality, I do have the covid vaccine.  
Brian Barnett Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Whistler, BC Canada 58 6046987713 Send Email
I was a sailing instructor when younger for several summer seasons. These boats we’re Flying Juniors, about 18 feet in length. The sailing club had about a dozen boats that were used for my classes. I also sailed every summer day from about the age of 8-18. So I know how to sail! For the past 3 years, I have sailed my Catalina 34 throughout the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. My yacht is moored in Tseheum Harbour. The combined experience of sailing dinghies and yachts has given me excellent foundation to support your team.  
Hudson Berrey Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA USA 70 +1 904 349 0687 Send Email
I was signed up as crew for the 2021 Transpac but the boat wasn't ready. I have a fair bit of sailing experience but not much racing, especially off shore. I just retired as an orthopaedic surgeon and so bring some medical skills along. 
David Best Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria , BC Canada 37 250-893-9962 Send Email
Was in Swiftsure in 2019. Ive been a crew and coxswain for RCMSAR 35 Victoria for the past 7.5 years. I have extensive knowledge of navigation, boat maintenance, first aid ( Marine Advance First Aid, First Responder with EMA Licensing) I am always working to get better at sailing like most are but I’d say I’m above beginner but not yet advanced. A race life this would probably help tip the scale for me. I am an avid Cook which I’ve built my professional life around, not as a cook but I own N ingredients company. I love the outdoors and pride myself with the ability to be versatile and can adapt to most situations.  
Don Boyle Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Surrey, BC Canada 65 778-234-0480 Send Email
I have raced since I was 5. I HAVE DONE THE VIC MAUI TWICE. I raced fireballs in my teens, had a hiatus during my university years, and then raced my boat and crewed for others ever since, including five Whitby Island Race weeks and 14 Swiftsures. I don’t recall the number of Round Patos, Round Saltspring and and Round County races. 
Bill Braden Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Portland, Oregon USA 67 (530) 217-9977 Send Email
4 years sailing and racing mostly on the Columbia but some offshore Southern Cal and one delivery up the coast from SF. Easy going but hard working and take safety seriously. Nautic Ed and ASA trained on monohulls and cats. 
Murray Browne Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 55 2507440870 Send Email
Experienced and easy to get along with. Have owned and skippered various boats including a Whitby 42. Have skippered charters at various places in the world. Sailed Vic -San Fran a few years back. Current boat is Dufour 41 ketch my son and I converted to solar electric. Can do mechanical, electric and electronics trouble-shooting and repairs, fibreglass, carbon fibre and other boat repairs, any aspect of crewing, cooking, etc. Ham and SCUBA certs. Could do race or return leg but likely not both. Likely only available as a duo with my son, Hamish. 
David Carver Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 37 6043150064 Send Email
Hello, I began sailboat racing in 2016. I love the camaraderie of the sport and have been lucky enough to sail with some great people over the last 4 years. In 2017 I sailed back from Hawaii and since then I have been trying to get back into the open ocean. I am looking to crew both during the race and return ideally and because I’m self employed I can make myself fully available for any training / race schedule. I am confident I would be a valuable addition to any team. Thank you.  
Marie Collins Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Victoria, BC Canada 43 604 313 1358 Send Email
3.5 years ago I completed Salty Sisters * 2 in 420s at Royal Victoria Yacht Club, followed by Intro to Keel Boating. Since then I have been racing weekly - as COVID has allowed - on a Peterson 30. I have completed RYA Competent Crew Practical, RYA Day Skipper Theory, ROC(M), PCOC, and will complete RYA Day Skipper Practical in July 2021. My intention is to work towards RYA Coastal Skipper. I'm aware that I cannot compete with those who have thousands of nautical miles under their keels; however, I am enthusiastic, have a positive attitude, take direction and constructive criticism well, have a flexible time schedule, and am very willing to take further preparation courses. I'm a Surgical Daycare nurse, therefore can offer that skill-set as needed. 
Conan Cooper Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Calgary, AB Canada 53 1 (604) 314-3111 Send Email
I love sailing, racing, and being at sea! I've recently joined the Royal Canadian Navy reserves as a Naval Warfare Officer. I've sailed over thirteen years on many different boats racing on west coast and Lk Ontario: winter series (polar bear, hot rum), summer weekday (VARC), Deep Cove, Howe Sound, Round Bowen, Fraser Lightship, Southern Straights. I was on a crew for the 2020 race before it was cancelled. I've also sailed coastal and open water passages (Caribbean and Atlantic) up to 25 days (2700nm) at sea, logging well over 5000nm. I'm comfortable working shifts with a team and cooking. For qualifications, I have CANSail 3, Sail Canada Basic Cruising, Intermediate Navigation, Offshore Personal Survival (SAS), PCOC, ROC-M, and Wilderness First Aid. I've worked as a Sport Coach and Kinesiologist with excellent fitness. I also work as a Paramedic in EMS, so I can serve as boat medic as needed. I'm happy working at the mast, in the pit, trimming jib, or some foredeck (spinnaker or asymmetrical). I've been in team environments throughout my career. I hope to work with a competitive crew, and will make myself available for practice on a set schedule and willing to take courses as needed to support the boat. I can make weekends for Southern Straits, Swiftsure, or other preliminary races available. I would sail the race leg preferably, but can also crew for the return. 
Olivier Corbeil Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 28 2363305090 Send Email
Cumulated over 3000 nautical miles sailing offshore on various sailboats (between 30' to 60' boats) Raced at an international level dinghies for 10 years (from Optimists to 49ers). I have an active Wilderness First Aid (equivalent to OFA3) and completed my Safety At Sea course. Relevant competitive keelboat experience: -Navigator on a SantaCruz 50 (Surfrider) during the Van Isle 360 2019, Round the County 2019, Southern Strait 2019 -Crew (mostly on the helm) on a VO60 on a trip from Halifax to Bermuda and back -Navigator on a Archambault Grand Surprise 32 during the EDHEC 2013 in Brest, France. -Crew on a J/22 during the J/22 Worlds in 2016 I am good on any position, from bow to trim and helm. I keep my head down and do the job that needs to be done.  
Ian Crichton Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Whistler, British Columbia Canada 63 6046980510 Send Email
Competent Crew Course 2018 RYA Australia RCMSAR 14 Gibsons BC Member  
Rusty Croom Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Calgary, Alberta Canada 59 587-999-5419 Send Email
~20 days offshore sailing as crew. Training and experience through Captain Level III. Limited racing to M-W beer can races. Willing to do any role. Also former Navy watch officer 
Jack Dale Skipper Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Calgary, Alberta Canada 73 (403) 861-5296 Send Email
48,000 miles. 12 circumnavigations of Vancouver Island (1 Van Isle 360). Racing experience: Tartan 10, J-22, X-119, Beneteau 36.7, San Juan 21. Other races: Galveston Bay CA, Swiftsure (3), Protection Island, Glenmore Sailing Club. Cruised: NWP, Sea of Cortez, Bahamas, Turkey, BVI Leewards. 4 Vic Maui returns; 1 as watch captain, 3 as skipper. Other deliveries: Cape Town - Brazil, BVI-Panama, Newport,RI to St Barths via Bermuda. Denmark to Southern England. CRYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor Evaluator. Other qualifications: IYT Yachtmaster Coastal (sail) Instructor, Adventure Medic, VHF (ROC-M) examiner.  
Madison Daley Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Victoria, BC Canada 24 6476378014 Send Email
I spent 3 months on a 112 foot schooner. We sailed from Tahiti to Cairns, Australia stopping at several islands in the South Pacific over the course of 80 days. I took the CanSail 1 course at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. I recently took the STCW course and have been doing some day work for motor and sailing yachts. Although new to racing, I can learn quick and perform under pressure. Thank you for your consideration. 
Peter Day Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Squamish , Howe sound BC Canada 39 236-632-2192 Send Email
I have been on the water since birth. I have been on open ocean and am very experienced on the water . My family is a sailing /yachting family few generations deep!! Member of RVYC since 1992 at 10 years old which point was junior sailing through the junior program in summers. I have what I think is very good instinct and have always been trusted in the ocean. I have very good references of trusted people and would be a great addition to a team that is looking for easy going guy that’s physically strong athletic and very mobile. No handicap other than I recently gained bit of weight. I’m at 6 ft 220 lbs not sure if that matters but thought good info for skipper . I am in good health and ready to go!! Would be nice to have a little notice but could literally go on couple days notice if a last minute replacement was required. I can honestly say I just want to sail to Hawaii and do what is told on the whole trip! (Not over step) my deal is I trust those I respect and give the same in return  
John Dealy Skipper Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Seattle, Washington United States 68 3606218037 Send Email
I have sailed two handed from Seattle to Hawaii and back. Two of my friends have sailed from Seattle to the South Pacific and back. We have three other friends with extensive inshore sailing experience. This crew of six is looking for an opportunity to return a boat from Maui.  
Ned Feist Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Philadelphia, Northeast USA 25 (26 for Vic-Maui 2022) 518-339-2334 Send Email
I've been racing on keelboats and dinghies of varying size and type since I was 8, including on the Dartmouth College sailing team. 3700+ offshore miles on a TP52 and a Beneteau First 45F5, 750 of which were as a watch captain. Additional 750+ miles planned for June 2022. Solid understanding of rigging, plumbing, and mechanical systems. Completed Safety at Sea/World Sailing Certificate March of 2019. First Aid/CPR/AED certification valid through 1/1/2022, intend to renew for 2022-2023. 6'2", 205 pounds, 26 years years old for Vic-Maui 2022 start. Thanks! 
Doug Frazer Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Bellevue, WA USA 64 2063692139 Send Email
Skipper and boat owner in last Vic Maui 
Bradford Gaulin Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Calgary, AB Canada 63 4036609961 Send Email
13 years boat ownership - Ericson 34X, Catal;ina 38, sailing west coast of Canada, Pacific Northwest US. Approximately 400 days living aboard/sailing, about 30% single handed sailing, SNSYC club racing, but not formally trained. Mechanical engineer, so familiar with boat systems and maintenance. 
Drew Gill Foredeck Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Paia, Hawaii United States 19 4582335971 Send Email
I’m from Barbados, I’ve been sailing for about 10 years! I have my RYA Day skipper certification! I have been racing competitively for over 6 years and am on the Barbados national team! I used to race J24’s as mast and foredeck! 
Anthony Gray Any Position Race Crew Only Male
West Vancouver, BC Canada 49 604-202-5613 Send Email
I have sailed since aged 7 and have raced dinghies (Mirror, Scorpion, Fireball, 470, Laser and Sprint 15) and keelboats (J24, 21ft Sportboat, Moody 27). Most recently I have raced single handed catamaran Sprint 15, Olson 911SE and Melges 24. I have done some offshore racing, but not to the distance of the Vic-Maui. 
David Hadley Trimmer or Deck Crew Race Crew Only Male
Victoria, BC Canada 57 4039995485 Send Email
Blue water sailing experience: Victoria - Tahiti - Hawaii - Victoria. Twenty years recreational and competitive cat sailing on Nacra 20 out of Jericho Sailing Club, Vancouver. Former "Nordic 40" owner / sailor with extensive inshore sailing experience. Bareboat charter experience as skipper out of St. Vincent / Grenadines, and Croatia. Years of Coast Guard - Marine Search and Rescue experience. VHF & Scuba licensed. Emergency and trauma physician at VGH & RJH in Victoria. Fit, strong and easy-going. 
Christopher Hakes Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 52 6047646143 Send Email
I lived aboard my Hunter 30 for 3 years in Toronto, grew up sailing and racing dinghies, have done some keelboat racing in Victoria and Vancouver. I'm very affable, keen to do some blue water sailing, would likely fit in well with most crews and happy to take on any and all positions on board.  
Burl Hamm Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Leduc, AB Canada 58 7807252989 Send Email
Skippered own sailing vessels since 2015. Owner of 1987 33.5 Hunter legend. Retired fire chief / medic.  
Chris Hawkswell Trimmer or Deck Crew Race Crew Only Male
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Canada 59 9053532404 Send Email
2 Fastnets 1 Transatlantic Newport Bermuda Heinekin Cup Lake Ontario racing c&c 38 20 years every weekend and Wednesday night Many Caribbean deliveries 
darcy hughes Trimmer or Deck Crew Race Crew Only Male
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island Canada 40 7788669978 Send Email
Vancouver Racing, European Racing, UBC Champions 
Joel Jacques Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Squamish, British Columbia Canada 42 604-612-0799 Send Email
Raced dinghies at a high level in my youth. Competed in Canadian National Champs and US National Champs as a member of WVYC. 4 years of offshore keel boat racing as crew. Completed Southern Straights, Around Saltspring, around Bowen. Regular participant in Jerhico Wed night series and Squamish Sunday series. I have been living in Fort St John for the last 2 years as the deputy project director Site C dam construction project, but am now back on the west coast with the goal to be fully involved in the offshore racing circuit moving forward. I work downtown vancouver and live in Squamish and can make time to sail anytime. Earlier in my life i was also the Canadian Freeski champion and competed on the Freeride world tour. Moving forward my focus is sailing with a goal to get my own boat and cross the pacific with my family. I am also looking for opportunities to crew in other races. 
Brendan Jones Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
West Vancouver, BC Canada 16 6047191937 Send Email
I currently crew in 29ers, sometimes skipper when I feel like it. I am 18th in Canada, I have also sailed optis for the first racing years of my life getting up to top 5 in bc. I race our Family’s c&c 41 in Wednesday night series out of Wvyc my job is tactician and grinding/sail trim. I am not a picky eater and don’t burn very easy, making me very seaworthy.  
Hannah Ker Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 26 5146595010 Send Email
Long-time racer and lifelong sailor looking to take the next step in my sailing career and get offshore. I’ve raced competitively as a dinghy skipper while on the RVYC Junior Race Team and as Captain of the McGill University Sailing Team. Have also spent summers cruising with family around BC and have crewed keelboats at inshore racing events in Canada and internationally (J109, J70, Martin 242, Lightning), most recently competing at an all-women’s event in Hamburg doing jib/spin trim on a J70. I’m comfortable in most positions on a boat but have most experience as trimmer or foredeck. I’m ready to commit to significant training and am willing to complete any certifications needed. In addition to my sailing experience, I’d love to learn about mechanical boat systems and bring a personal passion for cartography and navigation. I work a remote job during the week but can be available weeknights and weekends. I’m easy-going, calm under stress (have worked in humanitarian crisis response!), and a hard worker!  
Kevin-Neil Klop Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
White Rock, BC Canada 57 7782425567 Send Email
1 Transpac, Delivery crew Seattle->San Diego. Race crew San Diego->Cabo San Lucas, Deliivery crew La paz->Hawaii->Seattle 
Yuriy Labiy Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 54 7809090780 Send Email
I've logged over 3500 nautical miles sailing/racing on west coast including several circumnavigations of Vancouver Island. Weekly club and long distance racing with CFSA. I have completed Safety at Sea course. 
Martin Lemelin Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Courtenay, BC Canada 34 604-561-2303 Send Email
I've been cruising the coastal waters of BC and Washington on my own boat for 10 years: 7 years on a Fortune 30(heavy displacement, cutter rig), and the past 3 years on a Seabird 37(heavy displacement, ketch rig). I have circumnavigated Vancouver Island, and sailed as far north as Bella Bella. I don't have any experience on the open ocean, which is my main motivation for wanting to participate in this event: to gain experience and to learn from others who have done it. 
Philip Lewis Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
PORTLAND, Oregon United States 70 503-970-4459 Send Email
I have sailed all my life, mainly cruising. For the last 25 years I have owned and extensively sailed a 1969 Cal34. Cruising experience on my boat and others includes numerous Oregon Offshore races between Portland and Victoria, a delivery from Victoria to SF, and another from LA area to Portland. My attributes as a crew include being reliable and responsible, a good team player, good company and a good storyteller (as a retired criminal defense attorney I have many) and am generally competent in a galley. And, despite my age I am in reasonably good shape. Finally, perhaps because of my former career, I tend to not panic in stressful situations.  
paul long Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
VICTORIA, BC Canada 32 2502137428 Send Email
Sailed with S.A.L.T.S across the south pacific  
Alexander Lynch Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
London, Waltham Forest Chingford 21 +1 (954) 842-6019 Send Email
Yachtmaster Theory, Day Skipper Practical and Theory. RYA radar, RYA VHF, RYA Diesel Engine maintenance, STCW’s, Cevni. I’m a Sailing enthusiast who has trained at UKSA sailing academy in the UK. I plan to circumnavigate the world myself one day and I’m the meantime I’m trying to gain life experiences to use as a reference point in the future.  
Philip Mann Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Victoria , British Columbia Canada 63 +44737.987.2511 Whts App +41798.455.444 Send Email
I have crewed on a 72 foot Challenger Norway to Portsmouth, two weeks on a Dufour 45 in Greece, two weeks on a Jenneau 45 in the Stockholm Archipelago, many various trips around the Gulf Islands on Cal 20 Crown 23, I crewed in Tanazania on Leopard catamarans . I have my RYA day skipper cert and my SRC cert. Emergency nursing background.  
Ryan May Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Hornby Island, BC Canada 41 (250)650-3170 Send Email
Born and raised on the coast, been on the ocean my whole life. Owned three sailboats. In my late 20’s a Catalina 27 that I sailed extensively in Georgia Straight. More recently my wife and I bought a well-found Contessa 26, which I sailed the jib sheets off in all seasons, all weather, and at night. It was with this boat that I truly learned to sail. We took some instruction, but most of my experience was singlehanded. This year we bought a gorgeous Crealock 34, and have been sailing her extensively. As we run an active ecological farm, my main sailing season has been Oct-April. I cannot wait to cruise and sail all fall and winter. My dream is to join an offshore race boat and contribute my fitness, knowledge, and passion. I’ve completed some training and will be completing more this fall/winter. I know nobody as passionate and committed to sailing as I am. If I’m not sailing, I’m reading about it. I will make a very strong addition to any boat’s crew. 
Bill McDowell Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada 65 (250) 885-8762 Send Email
Have done the Vic Maui in 2004 on board the Yacht Pointe de Fruit With Vern Berkheart,Rob Tape, Rhys Williams, Kevin Clark and Che Pilkerton Have30 plus years of sailing experience ,many Swiftsures ,and other overnight races in the Gulf Island areas , Have done international regattas in Thailand ,the Kings cup in Phuket 2008 and 2010 Lankawi regatta 2012 Bandaranaike Bay and Mexorc on a Variente 44 for 5 years Olas Linda’s and have helped on race committee for WesMex while down there too Have a teamwork approach to racing and adapting to any position when required both above deck and below helping to prepare good grog that sticks to your stomach at the galley ,no problem Have an even tempered soul A son of a Master Mariner who has past done his knowledge to me and my 2 brothers when we lived in Hampshire England sailing in the Solent during our formative years . Member of the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club and a racing member since 2004 .Resume of my back ground can be sent to you too if required. Would love to be able to do this race again on a boat ,fit , non smoker and in moderation and with respect and tot or wee dram and may be a barely sandwich If a skipper looking for such an experienced crew ,references can be sent to prospective skippers Thank you for this inquiry Regards Bill. McDowell 
Paul Michael Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Woodinville, WA US 47 425-761-7097 Send Email
Over 7,300 hours & 38,000 nm of sailing experience, racing/delivery/cruising, most of it offshore or solo. Veteran of 2012 & 2014 Vic Maui races and returns. Have done most all major PNW sailing races: Van Isle 360, Southern Straits, Swiftsure, etc. US Coast Guard licensed maritime captain. Multiple sailing deliveries from Hawaii and Alaska to US mainland, west coast offshore deliveries. Sailing delivery from Taiwan to Seattle via Tokyo. Aerospace engineer by day. 19-year active veteran of law enforcement with search & rescue experience. Licensed private pilot, ham radio licensed general class with HF comms and data experience, Safety@Sea course taken. Experienced with sail handling, navigation, offshore weather prediction, communications, electrical, engine, electronics operation and repair. Have offshore sailboat fishing gear and knowledge. Love to cook and serve up fresh-caught sushi. Mentally tough & don't mind being physically uncomfortable. Married w/ kid, emotionally stable. Excellent health, fun & easy going, quick learner, very tolerant, responds and adapts well under pressure. Non-smoker. Grew up on the Great Lakes. References available upon request. 
Peter Mikhailov Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 36 6043175254 Send Email
2021 update: Purchased Kelt 7.6 (25 ft French designed sailboat). Have been sailing small boats up to 21 ft (laser 1&2, Hobbie, Hunter) out of Jericho Sailing Club for past14 years. Owned and chartered sailboats (26-44 ft) and cruise waters around Vancouver Island. Completed VPS-ESP Boating 1,2,3 courses. I'm easy going person, fit and ready to put in the work, the hours to prepare for this voyage. Thank you for your consideration.  
Ron Oates Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Gig Harbor, WA USA 57 2537921234 Send Email
I’m looking to gain blue water experience. I have crewed on Korina Korina, a number of times as deck crew. Completed the Swiftsure Race, long course on Korina Korina in 2018. Member of a sailing club in Tacoma. Sail single handed regularly on a Catalina 27. Have my ASA 101, 103 and getting my 104 soon. Will join a sailing lease program after that. Non-smoker. Easy going, fit & fun!  
Walton P Stanley Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Minneapolis, Minnesota United States 66 6128506711 Send Email
I have been sailing for about 15 years. I have ASA bareboat certification and have chartered in the British Virgin Islands and in Lake Superior. I have not done a crossing, but know my way around a boat and I am pretty handy in the galley. I was commodore of the Twin Cities Sailing Club. 
Michael Palin Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Charleston, SC United States 28 8438017941 Send Email
10K+ offshore miles. A couple ocean crossings done when younger, each around 30 days, a few deliveries done. A few years racing j24's and 120's in local program. Looking for delivery spots at least. Can provide references. J24 owner. Experience at the helm without autopilot and wind vane.  
Andrew Parker Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Mississauga, Ontario Canada 52 (416) 504-9455 Send Email
40 years of racing experience, 90% with keel boats. Delivery from Seattle to Sand Diego. Cruising in N.S. 1 year commercial fishing in Alaska Trimmer, helmsman, deck hand. OK cook, Excellent dishwasher! Affable and level, carpenter by trade. 14,000 songs on Ipod Never run out of stories. Keen to win. Lets try two spinnakers at once. Heard it can be done. https://igorianchant.com/jamesandvanessa/Blackwatch/index.html 
Mark Philiposian Navigator Race Crew Only Male
Seattle, WA USA 49 206-472-9993 Send Email
25+ year submariner, Navigation Electronics, Safely Navigated USS PASADENA (SSN 752) from her home base in Pearl Harbor all over the islands and throughout the Western Pacific. Chief of the Boat USS SEAWOLF (SSN 21) for Arctic/North Atlantic deployment Crewed for Cazan, a Bene 40.7 for several years out of Waikiki Yacht Club, owned a J/24 in Kaneohe before transferring to the PNW. Trimmer for several years in the PNW on Shada, J/109. (1st in Class WIRW), Bravo Zulu (First 40.7), Helios (First 36.7), Constellation J/133) and in the J/24 Fleet. Most recently, trimmed for Madame Pele (Davidson 29) 1st in class/11th overall for Center Sound Series. - US Sailing certified Judge - I know what mirepoix is and can cook without a recipe - Non-drinker/no drug use (More beer for you!) - I know how to be just a bozo on the boat  
James Raddysh Trimmer or Deck Crew Race Crew Only Male
Salt Spring, - Canada 61 2505388237 Send Email
I have been sailing since 1987. First in small dinghys and now on my 30 ft race/cruise boat. I have also crewed on a Dash 34 for 4 years. I presently hold licenses in Power Squadron, VHF operator, Pleasure craft operator and Small craft ocean rescue. I am also an excellent swimmer. I am willing to upgrade my skills and certification to meet the needs of this race at my own expense. I am presently retired and have the ability to attend any training sessions required pre race. I have basic cooking skills and a good disposition. 
Donald Scott Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
North Vancouver, BC Canada 55 (604) 929-9177 Send Email
Thousands of miles cruising the Salish Sea, Solent, Hebrides, Chesapeake & offshore, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence, mostly on my own boat or charter. Racing experience includes the Van Isle 360, Southern Straits, Swiftsure, SOAR, Anvil Island, Round Bowen, Bird Island (Australia). Able to help in any position, but more of a generalist than a specialist. EPA Standard First Aid & Level C CPR. BC Sailing Offshore Personal Survival/Safety at Sea. ICC, VHF, PCOC, multiple RYA & ASA certs. Very capable "fixer". I'm happy to take on any role and willing to race competitively or just for fun. Ideally I'd like to hook up with a crew that's regularly racing offshore but I'm also happy to fill in for just the one race. 
John Shepherd Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Seattle, Washington United States 43 206 713 9749 Send Email
25 years of sailing experience - inland and coastal cruising, club racing dinghies and keelboats up to 35 feet. Currently cruising and preparing our 46 foot cruiser for a circumnavigation. Looking for blue water experience racing or delivering.  
Jennifer Shergold Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 45 519-292-1407 Send Email
I am relatively new to racing with only a couple years under my belt but I am outgoing, hard-working, and take direction well. I am a member at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club and have been participating in the Sunday race series for a couple of years as well a few other local races (Cascadian Convoy, Patos, Around Salt Spring, etc.). I have completed several courses (i.e. marine first aid, ROC-M, RYA Navigation, CYA Day Skipper and Costal Cruiser, etc.). My current skipper is happy to provide references. I am new to Vancouver and eager to engage in the local racing community with a keen interest long distance racing. 
Shawn Shorsky Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 57 2508866678 Send Email
Will be finished a Transatlantic March 23 ~April 20. Antigua/Barbuda to Southampton UK. Been sailing/racing for over 50 years out of Royal Victoria Yacht Club 
Peter Stange Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Burnaby, B.C Canada 80 604 437 8962 Send Email
Maui - Vancouver 2018 crew on Salient Van. Isle outside x 2 on Salient Vancouver - Astoria x2 on Salient 
Sharina Stubbs Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Seattle, WA United States 42 2069191357 Send Email
I've logged over 9000 nm (not counting miles on lasers and Hobie cats over the years), 36 days of which are offshore. Helm and foredeck on s/v Family Affair for the Vic Maui 2012 and Vic Maui 2014 races. Multiple years crewing for the larger (and smaller) PNW races, such as Swiftsure, Southern Straits, Round the County, Protection Island, etc. I have experience with helming offshore at night with a kite up in race conditions. Have worked mast, helm, pit and sail trim on various style boats. Can also serve up a decent meal onboard. Have served as medical onboard, and have taken Safety at Sea and Offshore First Aid (due for renewal). Profession is a cloud engineer with a medical background and Search and Rescue experience. Am strong, light-weight, and physically and mentally fit. Kind and cheerful personality that's reliable and stable under hardship and pressure. Married to a sailor. References available. 
Jill Teghtmeyer Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island Canada 29 403-845-0305 Send Email
Kind of a rookie. I worked as a crew crossing the north pacific a few years ago- my first time sailing! I have since acquired a 30’ c&c and sail it around the gulf islands. I also crew on a express 37’ out of the Nanaimo Yacht Club most weekends. I’m registered for the safety at sea course. I can learn quick, work hard and have fun too. Hoping to join a supportive and contentious crew. I’m an ER nurse and live in Tofino currently, but am flexible with my schedule and very committed to training meet ups and passage preparation. Thanks for considering me, hope to connect soon!  
Torie Tennant Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
tofino, British Columbia Canada 28 2508127945 Send Email
I am new to sailing with 2 years of experience crewing on a 30ft C&C around the gulf islands. I have also been keenly learning to sail over the summer during weekend races at the Nanaimo Yacht club on a 37ft Express. I follow directions well, and am a quick learner. I am a registered nurse with a flexible schedule. Motivated to prioritize this sailing venture and hoping to join an experienced crew. I am registered to take the Safety at Sea course. 
Brenda Van Fossen Any Position Race Crew Only Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 54 604-813-8316 Send Email
2019 TransPac, Watch Captain; 2018 PacCup; 2017 TransPac, Watch Captain; 2016 VicMaui. Multiple: VanIsle 360, SwiftSure, Southern Straits, Oregon Offshore. I am a physician (pediatrician), with Offshore Emergency Medicine course. Safety at Sea certificate 2019. I am comfortable doing bow, pit, trim. I don't need to drive to have a great time. Experience on boats from Lightnings to SC 70. 
David Verlee Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Bowen Island, BC Canada 50 6045180405 Send Email
Atlantic Crossing 2016 (ARC); Offshore survival training courses/ CPR / First Aid; RVYC member for 25 years; current owner of 50 ft sailboat (On Course); RVYC Wed night racing for 4 yrs (Virago).; semi-retired and flexible for time. More than willing to do what it takes to properly prepare as a team for the event. I know how much works it takes and very committed to do so. Cheers, David 
Rikkert (Rik) Vos Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 73 778-868-1152 Send Email
Local sailing for 28 years. Have owned a Newport 28, Irwin 39 and currently a Jeanneau 410. I have not raced and would prefer a return Delivery. I am in excellent health. 
Jared Weaver Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Seattle, WA United States 30 1-712-253-4810 Send Email
-5 years experience sailing and racing on the Salish Sea - the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Thorough foredeck experience.   -Night sailing experience on Salish Sea (Catalina 34).   -Foul weather racing experience (J105's) and offshore gear equipped with regattas on Salish Sea.   -Bareboat charter skipper (Beneteau 32). Coached and trained green crew for the voyage by dinghy-sailing (RS Quest) and scheduled pre-cruise briefings.   -My goal is to take the next step up in sailing offshore by crewing a large ocean crossing.  Targeting all Mainland-to-Hawaii (and back) races/deliveries and open to more voyage options.   -Planned future certification seminar “Offshore Safety at Sea” through US Sailing.    -Midwest farm kid attitude, aerospace engineering professional,  Division 1 football player for 5 years, 190 lbs. Great team player, fun to be around, hard worker, poise under pressure. -Eager to learn - more offshore, safety, navigation, celestial, racing.   
COURTNEY WINGARD Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
BURIEN, PNW USA 33 253-740-4223 Send Email
Shawn Wright Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia Canada 54 2507326049 Send Email
Dinghy racing as a teen (Laser, Hobie), some keelboat racing in recent years; 3 years sailing our C&C 35 single & double handed along the BC coast for ~1000NM each year. Interested in offshore experience. My wife and I were accepted as crew for a 2020 return before race was cancelled. We are both interested in crewing for a return in 2022. 

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