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Name Position Availability Gender
Residence Age Phone Email
Niki Alden Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Bellingham, WA USA 23 4257368835 Send Email
Corsair F24 Mk1 - position: everything. Racing: Race2Alaska (inshore, offshore). Conditions: 0-35 knots, ocean swells, waves. J33 - position: headsail trim, pit, navigator, mainsail trim. Racing: buoy, long distance (inshore). Conditions: 0-35 knots. Was on board a dismasting and self-rescue of this boat while sailing in the san juan islands. J109 - position: bow, mast, trim. Racing: buoy, long distance (overnight, inshore/around San Juan Islands). Conditions: waves, 0-20 knots. J80 - position: skipper, main trim. Racing: none. Conditions: ocean swells, 25-30 knots. Catalina 38 - position: all around. Racing: osshore, Swiftsure. Conditions: 0-38 knots.  
Arielle Candy Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver , BC Canada 36 17788616995 Send Email
Sailing since childhood. ~30,000nm offshore sailing on tall ships. Coastal racing since 2010; foredeck, pit, and trim on an Olsen 30, J30, and J29 in winter and weeknight series and VARC courses. Training for VanIsle 2019 on a Hanse400. Safety At Sea 2018. Comfortable on the water. Not yet seasick. Can cook at an angle. Happy to do race and return or just return - no work or family commitments. References available.  
David Carver Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 35 8077074441 Send Email
I sailed a Lagoon 450 from Hawaii to Victoria with two others, experienced open ocean solo watches and am comfortable at sea. Race on a J-30 out of VRC. Offshore survival 2019. Plans to do Van Isle 360, Swiftsure, Round Patos, Round Saltspring. Interested in the doing the organ offshore and other local races to prepare.  
Simon Corbaux Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 35 7788887941 Send Email
I have sailed mostly around the bay of Vancouver on Martin 244s as a skipper and haven't done any long distance or off-shore sailing yet. I’ve gotten the chance to go a past the bay a handful of times and plan to keep going further and further as I progress as a skipper. I have some experience racing on Harwar and really enjoy being part of that team. Racing the Polar Bear series at the moment, and hopefully we will be part of the Joshua Straight regatta next Easter. I'm a proactive team member always eager to learn so that I can become a better sailor and eventually a boat owner. I’ve always loved being on the water and have several years experience of kite surfing in heavy winds. I would love to join the team if there is an opening for someone who makes up in willingness to learn what they lack in experience. Experience I’ll gain through 2019: I enrolled to the SAS training in February and will get my off-shore Canada sail certification next June. I'm also hoping to participate to the Van-Isle 2019  
Aspiring Crewmember Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 39 (123) 456-7890 Send Email
I have been sailing for 12 years and racing for the past 5 years. Most of my experience is on 30-45 foot boats in round-the-buoys and local distance races including Southern Straits and Swiftsure. I have also done one Van Isle 360. Positions included bow, pit, and trim. I am keen to get some real blue water ocean sailing experience. My schedule is reasonably flexible and I could do either the race or the delivery home. 
Vitali Didenko Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Burnaby, BC Canada 45 604-313-9930 Send Email
I've been sailing dinghys and skiffs since 2008; Raced Startboat class 2013-2018, (North Americans 2015); Crewed on Martin 242 and Beneteau 40.7 inshore races since 2011. Most times I work the foredeck on the bigger boats, but am comfortable in other positions as well. Recent races - Round Salt Spring, Round the County 2018. Plans for Southern Straits, Van Isle 360 2019, Oregon Offshore 2020. Offshore Personal Survival 2018, First Aid, IYT bareboat skipper, CYA intermediate cruising, Coastal Navigation. Experienced in boat electrical and electronics systems. Not a pro chef, but can cook in high seas. Cruise Catalina 27s as a skipper year round. 
Margaret (Maggie) Drinkwater Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 29 778-846-6346 Send Email
Safety at Sea 2-day - October 2018 • Swiftsure 2017, 2018 • Southern Straits 2017, 2018 • International Women's Keelboat Race, NY, 2016 • I have been sailing and racing since I was a kid and I love being on boats. As an adult I have been racing in in-bay series regularly. I race a Martin 242 on Wednesday nights, and I do distance races on a J/109. I rotate through every position on the Martin, and I typically trim on the J/109. I was part of a team of women racing J70s in the International Women's Keelboat Championship in 2016 and we placed 5th. I also have some cruising experience, and have skipped trips up the Sunshine Coast on a Martin 242. I'm quite fit, strong stomached, and not a complainer. I am strong, capable, and competitive - I'd love to come race with you!  
Jonny Hegna Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Eagle River, Alaska USA 42 9079521829 Send Email
Many years of racing experience in Resurrection Bay (Seward, Alaska), mostly on vessels in the 35-42 foot range. My primary position has been foredeck, but I am versatile. J-World racing training; part of a 3 man delivery crew for a Wauquiez Pilot Salon 42 from Juneau to Seward, Alaska across the Gulf of Alaska (approximately 800 miles); skippered two week long trips in the BVI; owned a J24 for many years. The Vic-Maui race has always been a dream of mine, and I would love to join a crew! Letters of recommendation available upon request.  
Todd Herreid Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Denver, Colorado US 60 7202071464 Send Email
Intermediate sailing experience. I've sailed a Merit 25 on inland lakes for several years and recently purchased an O'Day 39 that I've sailed for about 1-2 years out of Blaine, WA. I'm looking for more offshore experience and would be interested in crewing for either the race or return trip. I'm in excellent shape and health and am willing to do whatever for the experience. 6'4" tall; 205 lbs. 
Barry Hull Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 42 6048976244 Send Email
Sailing for 30 + years. Extensive dinghy racing experience, plus J24, Martin 242, and Thunder Birds. Limited big boat experience, and no extended cruise/race experience 
Miriel Ko Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Vancouver, BC Canada 34 7788675107 Send Email
3.5 years of keel boat racing experience on the Pacific NW. Polar Bear Series x 3, Snowflake Series x 1, Wed night Summer Series, VARC (all races), local VRC races and some VIRS races. Crew roles include trim (jib/main), mast, pit and crew boss. My family lives and sails in Maui too so would be happy to show the crew some local spots upon arrival ;) 
Craig Plautz Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Surrey, British Columbia Canada 38 (778) 549-8592 Send Email
8 years sailing experience local to Vancouver and area including; 4 Swiftsures (Rubato Hanse 40) 6 Southern Straits (Rubato Hanse 40, Silik C&C 30, Excalibur Schock 35 (2018 medium course overall winner) Most all VARC races over those years (Regatta and Distance), Round Bowen x 5 , SOAR x 6, 2016 & 2018 RTC. 2013 VI360 (Rubato). WVYC Snowflake series dating back to 2011, TCYC Polar Bear Series for several years. RVYC Wednesday night series for most of 8 years. Main jobs on these boats is Main Sail trim but also includes Head Sail trim and Spinnaker trim but foredeck experience is the least in my toolbelt only because I am used more extensively aft of the mast. I am a 6', 230lb strong trimmer, strong swimmer, good cook, excellent selfless team mate who takes direction well. Keen to join a top boat and top crew for the 2020 Vic-Maui Race! 
Christopher Ryder Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest USA 43 971-563-2091 Send Email
Certifications • ASA 101 – Basic Keelboat • ASA 103 – Basic Coastal Cruising • ASA 104 – Bareboat Cruising • ASA 105 – Coastal Navigation • ASA 106 – Advanced Coastal Cruising • International Proficiency Certificate • Safety at Sea (2017) Racing Experience • San Francisco Bay – Weekly “Beer Can” Races • Columbia River (Portland) – Weekly Races • South Puget Sound – Windseeker Series • Duwamish Head Race (Des Moines <-> Seattle) 2017, 2018 • Blakely Rock Race (Colvos Passage) • Oregon Offshore Int. Yacht Race (Astoria, OR -> Victoria, BC) 2017 • Swiftsure Int. Yacht Race 2017 (Hein Bank) • Swiftsure Int. Yacht Race 2018 (Lightship Classic – PHRF) 1st Place in Division (“Image”) • Impala 1 Races (Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club) • Typhoon Series Sai Kung (Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club) • Drakes Bay Offshore Race (2 day) 2018 Cruising and Offshore Experience • San Francisco Bay, CA • Drake’s Bay (from San Francisco, CA) • SF <-> Monterey, CA • SF -> Santa Barbara, CA • Gig Harbor -> Port Angeles, CA • San Juan Islands, WA • Monterey Bay, CA • Gig Harbor, Washington -> Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (2017) • British Virgin Islands  
Adam Serediuk Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 35 Please Email Send Email
I sailed the 2018 Vic Maui return and had a phenomenal experience, I'm hooked! It was a great 2500nm over 15 days. Other than the Vic Maui return, I have about 7 years of sailing experience and own a 30' Ericson, which I typically single hand. I also sailed the 2018 Swiftsure. I typically cover close to 1000nm each year on our boat and I plan on taking my personal offshore survival course. Capable in any position I am calm, level headed, and easy to get along with. I am familiar with all boat systems, and am mechanically inclined, performing all of my own maintenance including emergency engine repairs. I have navigation experience with charts and GPS based navigation, including offshore weather routing and planning (but I am not an expedition pro!) What I may lack in experience I make up for with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. I would be an asset in any position on your boat, and take my fair share of work, including cooking (breakfast is my speciality, and I can reconstitute dehydrated hashbrowns with the best of them.) I am interested in both race crew and delivery crew, and am available for either or both.  

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