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Name Position Availability Gender
Residence Age Phone Email
Hugh Atkinson Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 21 (781) 708-3809 Send Email
Have been dinghy sailing for 8 years. Competed at the Highschool level and currently at the university level at the University of British Columbia, in the CICSA (Canada) and NWISCA (North America) divisions. Very excited to experience new aspects of sailing. 
Matthew Bacon Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Victoria, BC Canada 38 (250) 812-4953 Send Email
I have participated in 3 Van Isle 360 races (as of this writing, should be 4 by the time this race happens), numerous Southern Straits, Swiftsure, Patos and other local races. I race on a variety of different boats, including my own Olson 911 (which I also cruise whenever I get the chance). I am comfortable in any position, but gravitate towards trim, pit or helm. I have a current Offshore Personal Survival Course and a safety conscious mindset. I am willing to travel within reason for practices and assist where I can with boat preparation. 
Anna Bichel Cook Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Tofino, British Columbia Canada 39 (587) 991-9197 Send Email
IYT Yachmaster coastal certified. Safety-at-sea Jan2023. Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2022.Current part-time cook on 65’ sailing vessel. Plenty of time onboard sharing space and keeping morale high. Interested in return or race position. Great references! Practical & adaptable. 
Conan Cooper Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Calgary, AB Canada 54 1 (604) 314-3111 Send Email
I've sailed over 15 years on many different boats racing winter series, summer VARC, Deep Cove, Howe Sound, Round Bowen, Fraser Lightship, Southern Straights. I was on a crew for the 2020 race before it was cancelled. I've also sailed coastal and open water passages in Caribbean and Atlantic up to 25 days at sea, as well as training and sailing on Canadian Naval ships on west coast (over 6000 miles logged). I'm comfortable working shifts with a team and cooking. For qualifications, I have CANSail 3, Sail Canada Basic Cruising and Intermediate Navigation, Offshore Personal Survival (SAS), PCOC, ROC-M, and Wilderness First Aid. I also have completed navigation training with RCN. I've worked as a Sport Coach and Kinesiologist with excellent fitness. I also work as a Paramedic in EMS, so I can serve as boat medic as needed. I'm happy working at the mast, in the pit, trimming jib, some foredeck (spinnaker or asymmetrical), or navigation. I've been in team environments throughout my career and will work well with a competitive crew. With notice I am available for practice. I’m also able to take courses as needed to support the boat. I can make weekends for Southern Straits, Swiftsure, or other qualification races available. I would sail the race leg preferably, but can also crew for the return. 
Rusty Croom Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Calgary, AB Canada 65 (587) 999-5419 Send Email
Completed short-hand Tahiti to Fiji in 2022, 2-3 charters per year in typical cruising locations (BVI, Croatia, SVI, USVI, BC, etc. Previous qualified Navy deck officer. Holder of ICC sailing certification. 
Eric de Jong Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Victoria, BC Canada 60 2502179792 Send Email
I have been a boat owner for decades a sailboat for 5 years. I have traveled around Vancouver Island the Broughtons, Dessolation etc from Oakbay Marina where I keep my boat. I have taken all the power squadron courses and am level 4 canoe qualified as well a certified scuba diver. Not sure what crew bank means so didn't check it off. 
Ned Feist Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Riverton, NJ United States 26 +1 518-339-2334 Send Email
I've been racing on keelboats and dinghies of varying size and type since I was 8 years old. 5000+ offshore miles on several boats ranging from 39-53 feet in length, including two races to Bermuda and a Pacific crossing. Solid understanding of rigging, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. Completed Safety at Sea/World Sailing Certificate March of 2019, will renew in 2024. First Aid/CPR/AED certification valid through 1/1/2024, will renew in 2024. 6'2", 205 pounds, 26 years old. Thanks! 
Randy Gray Watch Captain Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada 64 (250) 898-1370 Send Email
I served as return delivery crew aboard String Theory in 2016. I own a Bayfield 36 cutter and singlehand the PNW including a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in 2021. I have served as delivery crew twice for the Baja Bash in 2022. I have 30 years of ocean sailing experience and covered over 10,000 nm in the last ten years. 
Christopher Hakes Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 53 (604) 764-6143 Send Email
Lots of dinghy and sailing experience - both racing and lived aboard my Hunter 30 for 3 years. I taught dinghy sailing and raced as a teenager, then crewed on several classes of keel. I've got basic first aid, have done navigation programs, and can tie one heck of a bowline. I am more accustomed to coastal sailing and have not yet done a big crossing like this, but am very affable, capable, and would relish the opportunity. Happy to play multiple roles in such an endeavour - just keen to be a part of the adventure. 
Brendan Jones Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 18 (604) 719-1937 Send Email
I have sailed my entire life. From the wetfeet program to coaching race team and racing keelboats. I’m a good cook and do not get seasick making me a good crew. I have raced Optis for many years until I grew too big. from Optis I gained fundamental knowledge of sailing for speed and racing tactics. I then moved to 29ers, and raced those for a few years learning about sailing with a spinnaker and everything else that comes with the boat. I now coach Opti race team at WVYC and teach Learn To Sail in the summer. I race on various different keelboats including C&C41, Melges 24’ and others. Looking to crew on more overnight events this year as experience for 2024 Vic Maui. 
Tristan Kimmerle Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Valemount, BC Canada 27 (250) 566-5185 Send Email
Grew up sailing and crewed a dozen or so times on small-mid size sailboats at weekly yacht club races. I also crewed on a 41’ fraser, Wind Maiden, out of Nanaimo to Port McNeil over 2 weeks. Willing to crew, and be of general help- no particular position in mind. Able and comfortable at the helm (gnarliest experience is on the Johnston’s Straight on the inside passage of Vancouver island sailing north through steep, windy chop. No real off-shore experience with big swells). Not willing to be a full time cook, but will obviously be able to help with cooking or be on a rotation. 
Kevin-Neil Klop Any Position Race Crew Only Male
White Rock, British Columbia Canada 60 (778) 242-5567 Send Email
Contract delivery skipper, race navigator/tactician. Currently owner of Opus, a C&C 43. ASA and CYA sailing instructor. Sailing since my teen years, with a small break. I come equipped with navigation software and instruments such as Expedition, OpenCPN, etc. Former NYS EMT, current Safety at Sea training (expires fall 2024) 
Byron LeVasseur Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 39 (778) 388-3840 Send Email
-2 years of racing Polar Bear with Brad Davies on Rio. -2022 Southern Straights medium course with Ed Karadontis on Dusty Mauch 
Yun Ma Trimmer or Deck Crew Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Seattle, WA United States 41 (425) 894-8923 Send Email
Crewed on J/30, Tartan 10, C&C 121 
Alexander Marotz Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 31 (604) 374-2631 Send Email
Greetings, I am interested to crew for the race leg or return. I am available to attend practices and help with boat preparation. I have sailed Dinghies for over 10 years and have crewed in several races on a J Boat. Highlights: Cascadian Convoy, Southern Strait, and Polar Bear Series. I have a time share for a CS36 Merlin and enjoy winter sailing when the north pacific blows provide spicy conditions at times. Experienced as skipper on multi-day coastal cruising trips and am eager to expand my knowledge of blue water sailing. A big shout out to the Bluewater Cruising Association community. My formal training includes courses with Power Squadrons, and I am currently pursuing International Bareboat Skipper and Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard certifications. Holder of PCOC and ROC-M and am willing to take additional courses to comply with NoR regulations. I am enthusiastic and prepared to put in the necessary effort to seize this opportunity. I look forward to the possibility of joining your team. Cheers, Alex 
Sara P Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Female
Squamish, BC Canada 26 (647) 885-9144 Send Email
A relatively green sailor looking for an intensive and immersive experience. I got grit and the thirst for salty sea knowledge! My friends refer to me as someone fun to suffer with, and "armageddon" girl. I have dinghy sailing experience facilitated through the UBC sailing club. I also own a 33 foot sloop I "skipper" in local, coastal waters (since 2019). I intend to crew on a vessel sailing from Victoria to [Nome] Alaska in spring 2023. I completed the following certifications in 2020: Boat Operator Licence; (2019) STCW2010 Compliant; STCW 95 Basic Safety Training; STCW 95 Fire Fighting; STCW 95 1st Aid; I am interested in both the race, and delivering a boat back! Although, I'd love to spend a little time in Maui to surf whilst there! 
James Pettit Any Position Race Crew Only Male
Vancouver, BC Canada 34 (778) 899-7387 Send Email
Watch lead for the 2022 Lahaina-class winning boat, and will be doing Van Isle 2023. Experienced and very comfortable with the helm at night. Lots of local racing experience, including 2022 Martin 242 championship winning crew. Current sailboat owner with extensive cruising and boat maintenance experience. Mechanical engineer by training, with extensive experience in all aspects of boat maintenance and troubleshooting (especially electrical systems and marine diesels). I have a current Offshore Survival course, as well as all the usual certs (PCOC, ROC-M, CANSail 4) I'm a competitive sailor, but very easy going and get along well in all team situations. I'm strong, fit, and have a good attitude when things get tough. I'm also a good cook, and was responsible for provisioning for a previous Vic-Maui. 
Stewart Schill Any Position Race and Return Delivery Crew Male
Los Angeles, Los Angeles United States 58 (323) 252-6080 Send Email
Coastal and Deep Water Cruising experience and certification, domestically and internationally. Racing crew in local races at Marina Del Rey and Ensanada. Additional skills: Professional filmmaker, excellent guitarist, and a wicked sense of humor! 
Anthony Wagner Any Position Return Delivery Crew Only Male
Pitt Meadows , British Columbia Canada 59 (604) 783-9860 Send Email
For the last 25 years, I have owned, operated, maintained and repaired my C&C sailboat that is moored at Thunderbird Marina in West Vancouver. I have extension experience sailing throughout the Pacific Northwest, have lived on a sailboat for one year and have completed many courses and certifications. I also am a very good cook and have a level one Red Deal designation. This is my third attempt crewing for the Vic Maui. The first time I was commissioned to help bring a sailboat back but it had mechanical problems and did not make it to Maui. The second time I was asked to fill in on a race crew but my wife and I already planned our wedding. 

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