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Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race  


2022 Notices to Competitors & Information Bulletins

Notice to Competitors 1 - Preliminary Start Dates [PDF] 

Notice to Competitors 2 - Final Start Dates [PDF

Notice to Competitors 3 - International Travel Requirements [PDF]

Notice to Competitors 4 - Communications Information [PDF]

Notice to Competitors 5 - Time Allowances [PDF

Notice to Competitors 5 - Time Allowances - Revision [PDF] NEW!

Information Bulletin 1 - Victoria Start Venue [PDF]

Information Bulletin 2 - Spectator Boats [PDF]

Information Bulletin 3 - Maui Greeting Parties [PDF]

Information Bulletin 3A - Maui Finish Venue [PDF] 

Information Bulletin 4 - Shipping To Lahaina [PDF]

Information Bulletin 5 - Spectator Boat Information [PDF] NEW!

2022 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions [PDF] NEW!

Amendment to Notice of Race No. 2 [PDF]

Amendment to Notice of Race No. 1 [PDF]

Notice of Race Appendix B - Safety Consultation Checklist 2021-04-10 [PDF]

Notice of Race Appendix A 2021-03-30 [PDF] 

Notice of Race 2021-01-08 [PDF]  

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations complete 2020-2021 (OSR) [PDF]  

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 1 monohull extract 2020-2021 (OSR) [PDF


2022 Race Entry

Online Entry for the 2022 Vic-Maui 2021-01-15 [Click Here

Completing Your Race Entry - Quick Reference (2022) [PDF]  

Additional Entry Information Form (2022) [PDF 

Crew Personal Information Form (2022) [PDF 

Owner / Charterer Declaration Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk (2022) [PDF]

Crew Declaration (Each crew member) Exclusion of Liability-Assumption of Risk (2022) [PDF]



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