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Valkyrie's 2016 Record Run


Videos hosted on YouTube 

Merlin 1978

Sanfire 1984 
Guy Walters past archivist was a crew member

Foxfire 1990 

Kenwood Cup 1990 
A commercial production from 1990 which actually deals with the 1990 Kenwood Cup Series but which has some very interesting photography. The video includes supplementary footage on Mad Max, which sailed the 1990 Vic-Maui before competing in Kenwood Cup.

Vic-Maui Promo 1992 
A short promotional film from 1992, being an interview with Royal Vancouver Yacht Club’s Past Commodore Peter Jefferson.

HMCS Oriole 2000 
A video in which a TV newsman sails in Oriole in 2000, the year she won the race. Segments of the film are aboard the vessel while other are reportage within the newsroom.

Flash 2004  New!

Longboard 2016  

Westerly 2016

Kinetic V   

Firefly 2018 

Joy Ride 2018

Kraken 2018



updated Oct 30, 2022  Jim Innes

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