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Ratings & Measurement


2022 Information:





2018 Information:

Final ORC Vic-Maui Time Allowances - Fleet & Individual Boats, with rev errata to July 10  [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Anjo     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Firefly     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Geminis Dream     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Joy Ride     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Kraken     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - OxoMoxo     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Salient     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Serenite     [PDF]

ORC Certificate - Turnagain     [PDF]





Archival information, 2016 and earlier years:


Obtaining an ORC Certificate [PDF]


Vic-Maui Wind Matrix [PDF]     updated for 2016-2018


Vic-Maui Final Time Allowances [PDF]     new June 11, 2016


Vic-Maui Time Allowance Calculator [Excel]     updated June 11, 2016


Vic-Maui 2016 Fleet - ORC Certificates     updated June 11, 2016

subject to revision
BoatClass & DivisionTime Allowance
(ORC + Wind Matrix)
FortyCruising  [PDF]
AmiskwiRacing Double-Handed  [PDF]
MountainRacing Double-Handed  [PDF]
Rain DropRacing 3  [PDF]
CanardRacing 3  [PDF]
IonRacing 3  [PDF]
ExpressoRacing 3  [PDF]
StarblazerRacing 2  [PDF]
KrakenRacing 2  [PDF]
MilesRacing 2  [PDF]
TurnagainRacing 2  [PDF]
Red SheillaRacing 2  [PDF]
SalientRacing 2  [PDF]
String TheoryRacing 2  [PDF]
Alegria XRacing 2  [PDF]
EquusRacing 2  [PDF]
AtalantaRacing 1  [PDF]
LongboardRacing 1  [PDF]
Kinetic VRacing 1  [PDF]
ValkyrieRacing 1  [PDF]
WesterlyRacing 1  [PDF]
CrossfireRacing 1  [PDF]



Vic-Maui Ratings History

As ratings systems and competitor preferences have evolved over time, Vic-Maui's use of rating systems has evolved.  Multiple rating systems have been used, often in the same race!  Ratings administration has varied between third party ratings offices and "in house" approaches.  In recent years, the focus has been on systems which are based on a velocity prediction program and which are managed by an independent central ratings authority.  

-2022:   ORC

2014:   ORR

-2012:  Vic-Maui Handicap System

1994:   IMS

-1994:  PHRF

-1994:  IOR

1968:   CCA

1965:   Elapsed time


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