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Time allowances for 2024 Vic-Maui will be determined using the ORC Rating System and calculated from the ORC velocity prediction program and the Vic-Maui Weather Matrix. Results will be calculated using the time-on-time format.
Obtaining an ORC certificate - Frequently Asked Questions - [PDF]
The ORC Rules and Regulations are contained in the ORC Rating System guide and the International Measurement System detail are available on the ORC website - ORC Website
Vic-Maui Weather Matrix - coming soon 
2024 time allowances - coming in June 2024



 Vic-Maui Ratings History

As ratings systems and competitor preferences have evolved over time, Vic-Maui's use of rating systems has evolved.  Multiple rating systems have been used, often in the same race!  Ratings administration has varied between third party ratings offices and "in house" approaches.  In recent years, the focus has been on systems which are based on a velocity prediction program and which are managed by an independent central ratings authority.  


 2016 - Current ORC
 2014 ORR
 1996 - 2012 Vic-Maui Handicap System
 1994 IMS
 1978 - 1994 PHRF
 1970 - 1994 IOR
 1968 CCA
 1965 Elapsed time










Previous races please see Race Documents Archives







updated Mar 02, 2023 

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