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Vic-Maui Archives
Aloha and Welcome

We gratefully acknowledge the efforts of past archivist Paddy Thomson, present archivist Guy Walters and the many contributors of archival material which has been restored and preserved here.  We also acknowledge the authors and copyright holders, and thank them for their permission or forebearance, as the case may be.  


An introduction to how the archives are organized is available here

All Years

Information spanning all race years is available here


Vic-Maui boat photos are available here.

Individual Race Years

Information for individual race years, including Race Programs and other archived information, is available here.


Archival videos are available here.

Race Information

Race Information is available here

Race History

Race History is available here

Results, Winners, Records, Trophies

Information on results, winners records and trophies is available here

Alumni Reunion 2014

An "all years" Vic-Maui Alumni Reunion was held at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club's Jericho Clubhouse on April 10, 2014.  You can view a photo gallery from the event in the Vic-Maui Photo Gallery.  

Missing & Additional Material

There are many gaps in our story. Information missing in the All Years Results and All Years Trophy Awards is highlighted in yellow in those documents. Many boat portraits are missing. There is room for more “color” by means of articles, anecdotes, photos, etc.  Anything forwarded to us will be considered for inclusion in the archives.  Please contact us at archives@vicmaui.org

Thank you — Mahalo.

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