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Emergency Steering

by Jim Innes, May 29th, 2021


4.15 Emergency Steering

4.15.1 / 4.15.1 a) / 4.15.1 b)

An emergency tiller capable of being fitted to the rudder stock except when the principal method of steering is by means of an unbreakable metal tiller there are two methods (e.g. tillers, wheels) of controlling a rudder, neither of which shares components with the other except for the rudder stock.


A proven method of emergency steering with the rudder disabled

2022 Vic-Maui Notice Of Race - Appendix A

Revise 4.15.2 Emergency Steering

Add sentence “Video or photo proof of deployment and use of emergency steering must be provided.”

Vic-Maui has prepared a downloadable PDF designed to assist entrants with the requirements of OSR 4.15 Emergency Steering.

This document, originally written in 2016 by veteran Vic-Maui skipper and mentor Vern Burkhardt, has been updated and amended for the 2022 Vic-Maui.

Download PDF

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