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Vic-Maui Welcomes Pyewacket, Reaches Entry Limit, Opens Entry Waitlist; More Documents, FAQ's, Classes

by Vic-Maui, December 28th, 2015








Vic-Maui Welcomes Pyewacket, Reaches Entry Limit, Opens Entry Waitlist


Vic-Maui welcomes Pyewacket, an Andrews 70 skippered by Roy Disney and sailing for the Waikiki Yacht Club.  The Pyewacket team returns for the Half-Century 2016 Vic-Maui, having previously sailed to a Race Record, elapsed time Line Honors and a corrected time class win, all in the 1996 Vic-Maui.   See the Pyewacket team profile at www.vicmaui.org/teams?itemid=115, and see the 2016 Vic-Maui fleet at www.vicmaui.org/teams.  


The 2016 Vic-Maui fleet has reached the entry limit of twenty five boats.  The 2016 Vic-Maui fleet is profiled at 2016 Vic-Maui Fleet.  An entry waitlist has been opened for boats that have not yet entered.  To join the entry waitlist, please go to www.vicmaui.org/entry.   The final entry deadline is February 3, 2016.  


Vic-Maui Notice of Race Amendment 2:  Sails Carried

Competitors take notice!  Vic-Maui has published Notice of Race Amendment 2.  This amendment provides additional flexibility for sails carried.  Also published is the Notice of Race with Amendments 1-2.  These documents posted on the Official Notice Board.  


Vic-Maui FAQ:  Weather and Routing Information

Competitors take notice!  Vic-Maui has published Frequently Asked Questions titled:  FAQ Weather and Routing Information.  This FAQ identifies the applicable rules, and what is and isn't acceptable when obtaining and using weather and routing information while racing.  This information is also posted on the Official Notice Board.  


Vic-Maui FAQ:  Obtaining an ORC Certificate

Competitors take notice!  Vic-Maui has published Frequently Asked Questions titled:  FAQ Obtaining an ORC Certificate.  This FAQ includes information on certificate requirements, applications, timeline, a measurement preparation checklist and measurement definitions.  This information is also posted on the Official Notice Board.  


Victoria Preferred Accommodations

The Hotel Grand Pacific is offering group rates for 2016 Vic-Maui sailors, family and friends.  Check out their website at www.hotelgrandpacific.com.  

Click here for the Hotel Grand Pacific - 2016 Vic-Maui group rate details.  

Vic-Maui plans to add more Victoria Preferred Accommodation partners.  


Maui Preferred Accommodations

The Sheraton Maui Resort is offering group rates for 2016 Vic-Maui sailors, family and friends.  Check out their website at www.sheraton-maui.com.  

Click here for the Sheraton Maui Resort - 2016 Vic-Maui group rate details.  

Vic-Maui plans to add more Maui Preferred Accommodation partners.  


Vic-Maui Qualifying Races - Plan Your Sailing Schedule!



Four major overnight distance races are designated as Vic-Maui Qualifying races.  The Vic-Maui fleet is encouraged to participate in these events as part of their crew and boat preparations.  



Dates for the 2016 Southern Straits race, 2016 Oregon Offshore race, 2016 Swiftsure race and the 2017 Van Isle 360 race have all been set.  

See Vic-Maui Qualifying Races for more information on qualifying races, and Vic-Maui Events for a summary of 2016 event dates.  


Featured Events:  

Offshore First Aid - Two Classes Full, Third Class Added

The first Offshore First Aid class was full.  A second class was added, for March 12-13, 2016, and this class is also now full.  A third class has been added, for March 19-20, 2016 in Vancouver.  

See Offshore First Aid


Offshore Weather & Routing - Second Class Almost Full

The first Offshore Weather & Routing class is fully booked.  A second class has been added.  There are only a few spaces left in the second class.  

See Offshore Weather & Routing


Offshore Personal Survival Course (Safety at Sea): 
Upcoming Classes in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and West Vancouver

Vic-Maui requires a percentage of each boat's crew to have ISAF Approved training.  Safety at Sea classes are very popular, and tend to book up quickly.  Registering early for an approved class is strongly recommended.  Several classes are being offered in the region in January, February, March and April 2016.  

Vancouver, Victoria, West Vancouver - see Offshore Personal Survival Course (Safety at Sea), offered by BC Sailing and local yacht clubs; Sail Canada - ISAF Approved

Seattle - see Safety at Sea Seminar, offered by The Sailing Foundation; the two day version is US Sailing - ISAF Approved


More Vic-Maui Events are listed on the frequently-updated Vic-Maui Events Calendar


Featured Sponsor:  
CSR Marine




Puget Sound's Favorite Boatyards.  Two locations in the Seattle area.  Collision damage, fiberglass repair, gelcoat and paint services. In-house mechanical and rigging, bottom paint. Haulouts to 80 feet.

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Website: http://csrmarine.com/


See more Vic-Maui sponsors at: vicmaui.org/sponsors 


Vic-Maui Crew Bank:  where crew looking for boats meet boats looking for crew

Want to crew on a Vic-Maui boat?  Register on our Crew Bank.  

Skippers looking for crew?  Check the Crew Bank.  


Entry limit reached; entry waitlist open; final entry deadline February 3, 2016

  • Vic-Maui, first sailed in 1965, is celebrating its Half Century in 2016.  
  • The early entry deadline was September 15, 2015.  The final entry deadline is February 3, 2016.  The fleet size limit is 25 boats.  This limit has been reached, and an entry waitlist has been opened.  
  • The entry waitlist for the 2016 Vic-Maui is open now at:  
    Online Entry and Entry Waitlist.  
  • The Official Notice board is online at:  
    Official Notice Board.  
  • The Notice of Race has been published for the 2016 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race.  It is available for download: 
    Notice of Race
  • Appendix A to the Notice of Race has also been published.  It is available for download: 
    NoR Appendix A
  • Appendix B to the Notice of Race has been published.  It is available for download:  
    NoR Appendix B

    We invite you to join the 2016 Vic-Maui fleet for 
    Challenge • Adventure • Teamwork.   



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Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race


The Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race is hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Lahaina Yacht Club.  First contested in 1965 and sailed every second year since 1968, Vic-Maui is the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing. Vic-Maui starts in July off Victoria, British Columbia and finishes near Lahaina, Maui, a distance of approximately 2308 nautical miles.  


Vic-Maui challenges navigators to demonstrate their weather routing and navigational skills. Success depends on the navigator’s skill in predicting where the Pacific High pressure zone and trade winds will be, nearly a week into the future.  


The adventure includes sailing around the Pacific High and surfing downwind in the trades. The days pass quickly with the fleet surrounded by dolphins and albatross, spectacular sunrises, sunsets and brilliant starlit nights.  


Teamwork gets the boats to the finish line near Lahaina, where each arriving boat is greeted with an outstanding Hawaiian welcoming party. Family and friends meet the racers to celebrate the accomplishment with hugs, leis and mai-tais. Many crew stay to spend more time enjoying Maui with their families before heading home.


Visit www.vicmaui.org for 
Challenge - Adventure - Teamwork!


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Greater Victoria Harbour Authority • Navis Marine Insurance • Pacific Yachting • Westerly Yachts



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Harbour Towers Hotel • Hotel Grand Pacific • Sandman • Strathcona Hotel

Maui Preferred Accommodations

Aston Kaanapali Shores • Outrigger Hotels and Resorts • Pioneer Inn • Sheraton Maui



 Vic-Maui Qualifying Races


Southern Straits • Oregon Offshore • Swiftsure • Van Isle 360


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