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Weather Routing Update from the Guru

by Brad Baker, July 15th, 2016

THE SLEIGH RIDE BEGINS - First off my heart goes out to Lou and crew aboard Crossfire as they have retired from the race. I don’t know the details as to why beyond what was reported on the website, that they had a couple of gear failures. You can see on the tracker that they are now on starboard tack beating their way back home to Seattle. I hope that all are well on board and wish them a safe trek back.

In the last blog I predicted a fast race, record breaking in fact. That is still very much a possibility, even with the fastest boat out of the mix. The weather models continue to show a high pressure system, which currently is around 1035 mb, to build to 1040 mb and obligingly move West and North for the fleet.

FOR THE REST OF THE STORY GO TO http://swiftsureyachts.com/the-sleigh-ride-has-begun/


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