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VMG, SchmeeMG

by Race Committee, July 13th, 2016

Several people have inquired about the VMG on the YB Race Tracker Leaderboard. Depending on how you push the buttons Kraken goes from 1st place to 7th Overall and Longboard moves up from 6th to First. And just what is this VMG anyway.

VMG means Velocity Made Good. This is the speed at which you are directly approaching your destination. Sailing very fast away from the Finish Line feels exciting, but won't necessarily win the race. Sailing fast straight toward the Finish Line is very good. In math terms the VMG is calculated as the COS of angle between your direction and the straight line to Finish, multiplied by the Velocity. The bigger the number the better.

In YB Tracking terms, you can toggle between VMG SINCE START which is exactly what it sounds like - how fast has the boat sailed directly towards Maui since the start of the race. RECENT VMG is an average VMG over the last 6 positions. The corrected ETA and Leaderboard order is based upon the boat's DISTANCE TO FINISH, divided by their VMG (whichever type you choose, Recent or From-start), and then taking into account the boat's handicap.

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