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Annie M - Mea Culpa, Great to Celebrate Your Arrival

by Charlotte Gann, July 28th, 2022

Annie M - you were not forgotten, most definitely not. On July 25, you crossed the Finish Line at 06:01 and headed for Lahaina under escort of the pilot boat. You caught a mooring and the skipper and crew set off for Lahaina. Awaiting you was a throng of greeters, family, friends and some of the Vic-Maui organizing team. We were excited to see you waving back as the pilot boat turned the corner into the harbor and eased alongside. That first step off the boat was tentative but thrilling. That first hug and kiss with your loved ones was very sweet. Many well wishers reached out their hands and handed you cups of coffee - we knew you'd run out some days ago, quelle horreur! But then you scrambled back onto the pilot boat to enjoy another sparkling celebration.

A short while later, you made your way to the Lahaina Yacht Club for a fine breakfast provided by your greeting team, and several Mai Tais later, you were feted for your accomplishments, including the GFY Turtle Trophy for last to finish within the deadline.

You were most definitely not forgotten. This was an amazing accomplishment and you persevered through your many challenges. Aloha! Thank you for your endless patience.

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