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Final Start Dates and Times, Start Venue Information, Event Tickets, and a whole lot more ...

by Vic-Maui, June 7th, 2018







Vic-Maui Information Bulletin 1 - Victoria Start Venue Information

We will be having one send-off party, one skippers meeting, and one start date for all boats.  

High-level schedule:   




Thu Jun 28


Vic-Maui docks open, fleet assembles; 
recommended arrival date for all boats


2:00 pm

Race office and Vic-Maui concierge open

Fri Jun 29


Deadline for competitor boats to arrive


3:00 - 5:30 pm

Send-off Party (dock access restricted)

Sat Jun 30

10:00 am - noon

Public Open House


4:00 - 5:00 pm

Skipper's Meeting



Reserved for private team events

Sun Jul 1

8:00 - 9:00 am

Boats leave dock and go to the start area 


10:00 am

Vic-Maui Start sequence



Vic-Maui docks close

Click here for Information Bulletin 1


Vic-Maui Notice to Competitors 5 - Final Start Dates and Times

Final start dates and times have been published in Notice to Competitors 5

All boats will start on Canada Day, Sunday July 1, 2018

Click here for Notice to Competitors 5


Vic-Maui Notice to Competitors 4 - International Travel Requirements

The Vic-Maui race is a unique international event.  The skippers (masters) and crew of boats sailing between Victoria and Maui are responsible for meeting Canadian and US government requirements.  A smooth Vic-Maui experience depends on your compliance.  

One US requirement that has tripped up a few crews in recent years is the US requirement that every crew member from a country other than Canada or the US must have a valid visa.  Some people may already hold visa "exemptions" issued under the Visa Waiver Program, however these are generally not acceptable when travelling by private pleasure craft to enter the US in Hawaii.  

If you are a skipper or crew member sailing in the 2018 Vic-Maui, please take the time, now, to review this document and to make sure that your boat and crew are ready for customs & immigration requirements of both Canada and the US.  

Take it from a skipper who has previously run afoul of these requirements - the government agencies treat this as very serious business.  Don't leave it until Victoria to sort out - it needs to be done well in advance.  

Click here for Notice to Competitors 4


Vic-Maui Notice to Competitors 3 - Vic-Maui Wind Matrix and Distance

The Vic-Maui Wind Matrix used to construct the course conditions for Vic-Maui was updated in 2016.

The daily wind observations for six Vic-Maui races (2004-2014) were compiled and analyzed.  The resulting wind information has been blended using a 50/50 weighting with the previous Vic-Maui Wind Matrix which was derived from the North Pacific Ocean July Pilot Chart produced by the U.S. Government.  The updated Vic-Maui Wind Matrix indicates a little more reaching, a little less running and more wind at the light and heavy ends of the matrix.  

In accordance with Notice of Race, time allowances will be calculated from the ORC velocity prediction program, the Vic-Maui Weather Matrix, and a course length of 2,308 nautical miles.  This will result in a single time allowance for each boat for use in the Vic-Maui race.  

Click here for Notice to Competitors 3


Vic-Maui Notice to Competitors 2 - Preliminary Time Allowances

This preliminary information is provided in accordance with section 7.8 of the Notice of Race, and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Organizing Authority.  Requests for review to racecommittee@vicmaui.org were due no later than May 28, 2018. 

Click here for Notice to Competitors 2


Vic-Maui Information Bulletin 2 - Spectator Boats

Vic-Maui designated spectator boats come to Victoria, moor as part of the Vic-Maui fleet, take the family and friends of the race crews out to see the Start (which is outside the harbour and not easily viewed from onshore), and often shadow the competitor boats up the course towards Race Passage, before turning around and heading back into Victoria.  It's fun for everyone and makes for a great send-off for the fleet. 

Each competitor boat invites their own spectator boat. You have one or more of your friends bring their boats to enjoy Victoria and the start, and to carry your spectators.  If you do not have your own spectator boat, you can ask Vic-Maui to help with arranging a spectator boat; we do have some willing volunteers.  

Competitor boats make their own moorage reservation through Vic-Maui, receive a preferred moorage rate and a spectator boat battle flag, and are moored together with the Vic-Maui fleet.  

More information about spectator boats is in this information bulletin [PDF].   


Vic-Maui Send-off Party - Victoria

This is the Send-off Party for the boats and sailors who are heading to Hawaii!  Walk the docks, ogle the boats, mix and mingle with the crews, enjoy food and refreshments, catch the sense of anticipation and the scent of salty adventure.  The Send-off Party is open to Vic-Maui race crew, delivery crew, shore crew, family & friends, sponsors, officials, and volunteers.  

Tickets:  In Victoria, each boat that is entered in the 2018 Vic-Maui will automatically receive one ticket for each Vic-Maui crew member at no additional cost.  Other attendees, including delivery crew, shore crew, family & friends, will need to purchase tickets to attend the send-off party.   Tickets are CA$10, deliberately inexpensive, when purchased early.  

More information and a bookings link for Vic-Maui Send-off Party tickets are available here:  www.vicmaui.org/victoria-events 


Vic-Maui Waiting Wahine Luncheon - Maui

Vic-Maui and the Pioneer Inn invite you to attend our traditional Vic-Maui Waiting Wahine luncheon.  This is the event for everyone who is waiting on Maui for their ship (and loved ones) to come in.  Everyone from Vic-Maui is welcome - Sailors, Family, Friends and Supporters!  

The Waiting Wahine Luncheon will be held in the Garden Courtyard at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina, commencing at 12 noon on Tuesday July 17, 2018.  We are planning a wonderful luncheon, with an exciting new twist.  

Tickets are US$20, deliberately inexpensive, when purchased early.  

More information and a bookings link for Waiting Wahine Luncheon tickets are available here:  www.vicmaui.org/waitingwahine 


Vic-Maui Awards Banquet - Maui

The Vic-Maui Awards Banquet is the closing event of the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race. For 2018, the Vic-Maui Awards Banquet will once again be held at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, home to the Vic-Maui finish line at Black Rock in 1968!  

This year's Awards Banquet program includes the presentation of Vic-Maui awards, a sumptuous banquet, live music, and dancing.  There will also be a silent auction with proceeds going to LYC Junior Sailing Scholarships, craft booths, lei making, and Vic-Maui logo wear.  

Everyone associated with the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race is welcome:  Race Crew • Delivery Crew • Shore Crew • Family & Friends • Sponsors & Supporters • Volunteers • Public.  

Tickets are US$75, when purchased early, as cheap as we can make 'em for a great evening with excellent food and entertainment at a spectacular venue.  

More information and a bookings link for Awards Banquet tickets are available here:  www.vicmaui.org/awardsbanquet



The 2018 Vic-Maui & Key Dates 

  • Vic-Maui, first sailed in 1965, celebrated its Half Century in 2016.  

  • 2018 will mark the 53rd year and the 27th running of the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race.  

  • Entries opened June 15, 2017.  
  • The early entry deadline was September 15, 2017.  
  • The final entry deadline was February 5, 2018.  
  • The fleet size limit is 25 boats.  

  • Victoria start venue opens June 28, 2018.  
  • All boats will start on July 1, 2018.  
  • The awards banquet will be held July 21, 2018.  



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For 40 years, Pacific Yachting has been the voice of boating in British Columbia. Good luck to all Vic-Maui participants!

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We invite you to follow the 2018 Vic-Maui for  Challenge • Adventure • Teamwork.  



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Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race

The Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race is hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Lahaina Yacht Club.  First contested in 1965 and sailed every second year since 1968, Vic-Maui is the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing. Vic-Maui starts in July off Victoria, British Columbia and finishes near Lahaina, Maui, a distance of approximately 2308 nautical miles.  

Vic-Maui challenges navigators to demonstrate their weather routing and navigational skills. Success depends on the navigator’s skill in predicting where the Pacific High pressure zone and trade winds will be, nearly a week into the future.  

The adventure includes sailing around the Pacific High and surfing downwind in the trades. The days pass quickly with the fleet surrounded by dolphins and albatross, spectacular sunrises, sunsets and brilliant starlit nights.  

Teamwork gets the boats to the finish line near Lahaina, where each arriving boat is greeted with an outstanding Hawaiian welcoming party. Family and friends meet the racers to celebrate the accomplishment with hugs, leis and mai-tais. Many crew stay to spend more time enjoying Maui with their families before heading home.

Visit www.vicmaui.org for  Challenge - Adventure - Teamwork!


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Maui Preferred Accommodations

Aston Kaanapali Shores • Pioneer Inn • Sheraton Maui


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Southern Straits • Oregon Offshore • Swiftsure • Van Isle 360




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