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Hurricane Darby Update JUL 22 1200

by Race Committee, July 22nd, 2016

The National Hurricane Center issued a new update at 1100 HST today. The update has the centre of Darby approaching the Big Island at 2 pm on Saturday July 23 – tomorrow. It is forecast to pass just north of Maui around 2 am early on Sunday.

At a 0900 HST update provided to the U.S. Coast Guard RCC in Honolulu, there were:

5 boats already in port - Valkyrie, Kinetic, Westerly, Longboard, Atalanta. Westerly has reported that they are proceeding to Honolulu to weather Darby arrival.

Three boats are expected to arrive in the next 12 hours, prior to the arrival of Darby - Equus, String Theory, Rain Drop.

Well to north of Darby are Forty, Amiskwi, Red Sheilla, with the nearest currently 630 miles NNE of Maui. Six boats from the fleet are planning to pass east of storm track - Salient, Miles, Starblazer, Turnagain, Ion, Canard. The nearest of these boats is currently 500 mi NE of Maui.

3 boats had an ETA at finish on Sat Jul 23 night and were asked to re-confirm strategy. Expresso is currently 330 miles NNE of Maui and planning to slow down and let storm pass. Kraken currently 230 mi NNE of Maui and AlegriaX 290 mi NNE of Maui. Their present intention is to run fast for the finish, but re-evaluate after the next forecast

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