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July 5 Daily Report - All Boats Pointed to Maui

by Race Committee, July 5th, 2014

Nine boats started this morning in a light easterly breeze and overcast skies. But the downwind start meant that the spinnakers were hoisted to add a heap of colour to an otherwise somber day. String Theory was the first to cross the start line, but Longboard was the first to hoist a kite and leapt out front. As the rest of the fleet got their spinnakers up, positions changed rapidly. The winds continued light as the boats got away from the start area off Brotchie Ledge, but they are were making steady progress towards Race Rocks with Longboard and New Haven out in front.

The front fleet of 6 boats that started on Thursday were making progress down the Washington Coast after a day and night of light winds. Passpartout has the early lead in this group, followed by Turicum and Losloper (who may be using his engine – one of the perks of being in Cruising Division).

The question will be whether the second fleet will find any wind to propel them out of Juan de Fuca Strait and whether the first fleet will find a wind zone out of a confused weather pattern to keep their head start.

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