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Day 10 - Coffee Grinding and Cookie Crumbling

by Race Committee, July 10th, 2018

Day 10 finds the boats doing everything to eek out a mile and get closer to the promised trade winds. At one time this morning, the three leading boats were all pointed to Baja, doing 1 kt with an ETA sometime this fall. This is giving time for boats like Turnagain to get lots of practice on their big-boat "coffee grinders". As the Weather Eye said this morning "the cookie will crumble based on hard work, skill, and luck". The only boat making good progress is Serenite - Cruising Class is allowed to use their engine to move along.

Still leading the way in Firefly, now with 804 miles to go and a slightly bigger lead over Joy Ride 27 miles behind. Following behind (Distance to Leader) are Salient +73, Kraken +144, Turnagain +145, Anjo +205, Serenite +226 (believed to be motoring some), and Oxomoxo +253.

After a night of going no-where, it finally looks like the lead boats in Racing 1 have finally found a bit of wind and are starting to move. 

In Racing 2, Kraken has found the same breeze and has moved in front of Turnagain. Salient is still ahead by a bit, but they are holding their breath waiting for the breeze to catch up with them. But every hour, Kraken closes a bit more. Oxomoxo and Anjo are waiting out the calms, with Oxomoxo having time for a turtle rescue (pictures to follow).


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