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The Push To The Finish Is On

by Mark Gray, July 11th, 2010

The push to the finish is on. Most of the boats have now jibed onto port, after a long starboard tack reach. Several more jibes will probably be needed from here before making landfall. Kinetic, Turicum and Red Sheilla are actually slightly west of the Great Circle route. Well into the Trades now, the fleet is still seeing winds around 20 knots, generally easterly. As they push further south, they may see winds begin to ease slightly, and it will be interesting to see who can get across this area beforehand.

Terremoto! is still well out in front of the pack, with less than 600 nautical miles to go as of 8:30 am PST this morning July 11. On a corrected basis, we believe Kinetic is still leading overall, although her transponder seems to be malfunctioning and there isn’t a reading at that time. The Class 2 leader on corrected time is still Sonsie. Delicate Balance appears to have safely arrived in San Francisco.

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