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Good Tactics = Good Fortune

by Ed Watson, July 6th, 2010

The tactical choices look fairly simple, when you’re looking at a boats track from the comfort of your office. When you’re aboard a sailboat offshore things don’t look as easy.Terremoto! is proving to be the rocket ship everyone expected. As of about 8pm PDT today she had passed everyone except Turicum and Pyreneenne, boats that left 2 days before she did. The weather system seems to be changing, and that may explain Turicum’s severe course shift to the east.  If a developing low pressure system drives the pacfic high south, boats like Red Sheilla, Starlight Express, Sonsie and even Terremoto! may find themselves too far west and without wind. The past 24 hours has seen all boats make good progress in strong winds and moderate seas. In terms of overall speed Terremoto! made more than 238 miles in 24 hours ending last night by averaging 10 knots…Kinetic was just behind that mark and with time owed is in first place in Class 1 and Sonsie was closest to Hawaii and leading in Class 2. 

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