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Team Profiles - Unfinished Business

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Type: TBD
Skipper: Colin Jackson
Class: Racing Class, Fully Crewed
Hailing Port: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Yacht Club: Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Sail Number: TBD
Status: 1k entered

Colin Jackson has Unfinished Business

In July 2022, Colin starts 'Operation Blue Marble', circumnavigating the planet. This journey begins by racing the Vic-Maui Race aboard his fully crewed Unfinished Business for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

You are staring at one of the weirdest Vic-Maui entries ever (from a candidate for the weirdest skipper ever). "Unfinished Business" is a TBD 47', meaning the design is unknown ("To Be Determined" and 47' is the average of a few boats being considered).

In honour of his father, Colin raced Alegria in the 2014 Vic-Maui (today would have been his dad's 75th birthday). Colin registered Alegria, his friend Eberhard's boat (with his blessing and no idea if he'd be aboard) and a crew "magically appeared" - but perhaps not perfectly matched boat/crew. Learning from that experience, Colin's working on a crew and then will decide the boat second. Ironically, this is how Cooper Boats organizes their flotilla cruises; find people > match to boat(s).

This will be Colin's 5th Vic Maui and every time he does it, there's someone he'd like to throw off the boat. Couldn't find that person in 2014, so it had to be COLIN!

If you know about "sailor pricing" - the wind is free and everything else should be, Travis McGregor had Colin at "discount". For the moment, a few people have been invited; we look forward to their responses.

Who knows, it could be Alegria raced again or something else.

People first, next time.

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