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Vic-Maui Licensing

A number of teams have ordered Official Merchandise from the Vic-Maui Store.  You'll see them sporting their gear with the Vic-Maui logo at upcoming events like Swiftsure.  

A few teams have inquired about getting permission to use the Vic-Maui name and logo on articles that they are planning to buy elsewhere.  If you are not planning to do this, you can disregard the rest of this message. 

The Vic-Maui name and logo in all forms are the property of Vic-Maui.  We ask that competitors help Vic-Maui protect the name and logo from unauthorized uses.  

Vic-Maui offers Official Merchandise, online at the Vic-Maui Store, and in-person at the LYC Ship's Store in Lahaina.  A wide range of products are available with the Vic-Maui logo and, optionally, with boat names and team logos as well.  

We hope that, whenever practical, people will take advantage of the Official Merchandise available in the LYC Ship's Store and the online Official Merchandise.  These carefully selected products are easily available, and they help support the event.  

Where a boat wants to do something different, we have a simple licensing system for use of the Vic-Maui name and/or logo.  The licensing objectives are to protect the name and logo, support the event, and make things easy for competitors. 

The license fee for using the Vic-Maui name is included in the boat's 2024 entry fee.  The licensing fee for using the Vic-Maui logo is:

  • CA$5.00 per article worth up to $100 retail value each, and 
  • CA$10.00 per article worth over $100 retail value each.  

As an example, if your team buys 8 pairs of shorts worth $90 each and 8 smocks worth $180 each, and puts the Vic-Maui name and logo on all 16 articles, the license fees payable would be:

  • Vic-Maui name on 16 articles:  no additional fee (name licensing fee is included in 2022 entry fee)
  • Vic-Maui logo on shorts:  8 x $5 = $40.00
  • Vic-Maui logo on smocks:  8 x $10 = $80.00
  • License fees payable:  $120.00   (on $2,160 worth of articles)

The person in charge of a 2024 Vic-Maui boat may obtain a license; you can Download the license agreement here.  

After completing and signing the agreement, please email it to RVYC Vic-Maui Event Chair.  The license becomes effective after being signed by an authorized Vic-Maui representative and returned to you.  


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