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Finishes in Division 2 & 3

July 20th, 2006

A busy day for the Vic Maui Finish line volunteers, with eight boats finishing the race today, including all Division 2 boats and Passepartout, the lead boat in Division 3.

In Division 2 the finish order was: Night Runner at 00:04:15 HST, followed by Kinetic at 05:14:18. Kahuna and Tripp Tease had a great battle to the line, with Tripp Tease finishing at 06:04:38 beating Kahuna who finished at 06:04:50, by just boat lengths, all the while Turicum who finished at 06:06:51 was slowly making gains on them. Next was Red Heather at 13:31:23 and then Antares at 14:35:35. Red Heather, Passepartout and Antares were becalmed for a time some 4 or 5nm from the finish and struggled - within sight of the finish - to find breeze to get over the line.

In Division 3 Passepartout finished at 14:13:37 HST.

(Note: The above does not reflect the corrected fleet and overall position order, just the order in which the boats actually crossed the line.) As the communications vessel Kinetic finished today, there was no roll call and no position report was run. We expect corrected time finishes to be available tomorrow after some well earned Mai Tais for the crews.

Here is an update from early this morning aboard Kinetic:

Day 18, July 20 0010 HST

Kinetic has just passed one eighth of a mile to leeward of the foremost boat of the three boats that it first sighted yesterday morning and afternoon. The three boats and Kinetic are all in a tight group less than 3 miles in diameter. Kinetic is now clear ahead of all three boats, driving hard for the finish at Lahaina. We are not sure whether there is another boat to pass to earn Division 2 line honours. The race committee must know, though, as they appear to have turned the transponder on to a full time transmit setting. Enjoy!

Todays update from Kahuna:

MORNING FINISH!!!!!!! They did it! Finished at 9:04AM (pacific time)....most certainly looking to be 1st in Class.

From Turicum:

Turicum finished about 10:00 a.m. Vancouver time this morning. It was an exciting finish as four boats all finished within 20 minutes of each other, which is unheard of in a race covering this kind of distance. turicum was “beaten” to the finish by three other boats, but with corrected positioning, they will probably end up 2nd in their division, behind Kahuna.

The rankings are in corrected time. This means that the boat that crosses first may not be the winner. Boats receive a rating (like a handycap in golf) based on their size and potential speed. At the end of the race the places are determined based on finishing time and the boats rating. This allows slower boats to compete against faster boats. In their division Kinetic had the lowest rating so they are the fastest boat. Kahuna has a higher rating than Turicum, so Turicum needs to finish ahead of them by a wide margin to win on corrected time.

Next report July 21, 2100 HST.


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