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Horizon: Second to finish!

July 16th, 2006

Horizon, a Santa Cruz 50 owned by Jack Taylor of Dana Point California finished at 2:18 HST this morning. Horizon finishes second in Division One and second overall in the 2006 Vic Maui race. Well done to the crew of Horizon!

In Div 2 there are no position changes to report. The boats are now all with in 700nm of the finish. Finish line ETAs will now be posted beside the next boats to finish. As of today, Night Runner is expected to cross the finish line next, in the late morning Wednesday, July 19th. She will likely place second in Division 2 on corrected time. Turicum is expected to finish Thursday July 20th, and looks to correct to first in Division 2 and third overall.

In Division 3, no position changes to report. Passepartout and Freehand had almost identical runs over the last 24 hours.

Onboard updates:

From Turicum:

We are running almost DDW (dead-down-wind) flying a 0.6 ounce kite in light air (approximately 12 NM/HR) - another serene day of sailing in the Pacific. The winds in the entire race area are not as strong as had been anticipated, but we have managed to log 180 NM (in the water) over the last 24 hours. Given our technical set-backs yesterday, we are reasonably happy with our progress. As at 1900 (GMT), our position is N12.18; W147.30 and we are now 626 miles from Maui. At the daily roll-call today, we were informed that another of our competitors, Blue Moves II, has been forced to withdraw from the race because of weather-related considerations (apparently no wind on their part of the course and no reasonable prospect of decent wind in the near future).

Although we have been dispensing our rum rations with the greatest of care and in positively miniscule quantities over the course of the race, it seems that our supply has suddenly and mysteriously been decimated. There are but a few ounces left.

It would be patently unjustified and grossly unfair to accuse anyone of surreptitiously tippling more than his share, and it is certainly not the intention here to cast unfounded aspersions, but a certain level of suspicious behaviour has been observed on one of the watches in the last short while. Hale has been positively light-hearted as he glides from one repair activity to the next, Gregg re-doubled his efforts in his dogged defence of the Golden Pillow award, Geoff is strutting about the place with a rakishness completely unsuited to his present company, and Andrew has added a certain flourish to the thespian rants he delivers whilst figuring his sums and plotting his strategies at the chart table. It really makes one wonder.

And finally today, the final race report from Voodoo Child about yesterdays post finish experience:

We finished at 8:48:55 this morning and the Lahaina Yacht Club reps zoomed out to meet the boat and help us get into the harbor. The Champange was popped and shared as we cruised along the Kaanapali shore line. We busied ourselves with getting as much gear put away as possible so that we could enjoy the party on the dock. We got to come into the city dock for our party instead of using the platform on the end of the breakwater (what a treat). We were ready for lunch and so the Mexican feed that was served up was scarfed down by the crew and our friends and family. The margaritas and mai tais did not disappoint. The LYC presented VC with a beautiful boat lei. We all took the customary victory dip in Lahaina Harbor. What a great way to transition from life on the boat back to life on land with our loved ones.

Next report July 17, 2100 PST.

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