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Roll Call August 21 & Planet Express Has Stopped Sailing

by Charlotte Gann & Race Committee, August 22nd, 2022

Midday of August 21, Adam Serediuk's Planet Express quickly cleared customs at Raymur Point and proceeded to Victoria's Inner Harbour Causeway Marina, having enjoyed their last leg of the Maui-Vic delivery sail down the Juan de Fuca Strait. The freezer is half full of mahi mahi and tuna, the crew were greeted by shipmates from the race leg plus loved ones on a dazzling Sunday afternoon. Racing crew on hand were Michael Koster with icy cold Dark n Stormys plus Vern Burkhardt with chilled beers. Other treats were a tray of fruit and homegrown blueberries, and macadamia nut cookies. The appreciative delivery crew hugged partners, kids, friends, and dogs. Most notable difference of the Planet Express return was their almost entirely downwind sail from Hawaii contrasted with everyone else's solid 'on the nose' sail, pushing the ocean ahead of themselves. 

The sole remaining boat still making her way homeward is our beloved ancient beach chicken, Millennium Seagull. She left Hawaii a tad later than some, was yesterday about 250 nautical miles from Duntze Rock off Cape Flattery and travelling at 6 knots. She'll likely make her way down the Strait later on Tuesday if the wind fills in - looking a bit iffy just now.

Happy Hank with his people, Kevin & Maggie

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