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2022 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race Awards - Pau!

by Charlotte Gann & Race Committee, July 28th, 2022

Thanks all - your extensive patience is about to be rewarded. We have learned that 'Pau' is the Hawaiian word for finished, pronounced 'pow' and we think this most fitting to end things with a Pau!

The Awards for the 2022 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race are here for your pleasure. Including some images of the teams during the events following their first smelling land.


Racing Class Division 1

  • Peligroso; Skipper Doug Baker, Crew: Keith Kilpatrick, Ernie Richau, Dustin Durant, Samuel Heck, James Clappier, Doug McLean, Ryan Mazella, Joseph Crum, Will Suto, Danny Bailey, Cody Schlub (Kernan 68, Long Beach Yacht Club)

    • Lahaina Yacht Club First to Finish (Line Honors) on Elapsed Time

    • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club First Overall on Corrected Time

    • Lahaina Yacht Club Past Commodores First on Corrected Time in Racing Division 1

    • Gabrielle III Navigator Trophy, First To Finish on Elapsed Time: Ernie Richau

  • Phoenix; Skipper Gord Wylie, Crew: Brian Tait, Darren Burns, Lessing Quinn, Andrew Liebmann, Damien King, Geoff Jarvis, Findlay Wylie, Dennis Lefeaux (XP 44, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club)

    • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Aloha Award Second Overall on Corrected Time

    • Maui Boat & Yacht Club Award Second on Corrected Time in Racing Division 1

    • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Chairman’s Award First Overall for a Boat Sailing for RVYC on Corrected Time

    • Jim Innes Trophy for First Canadian Boat To Finish


Racing Class Division 2

  • Xiomara; Skipper Aidan Walters, Crew: Elaine Dumoulin, Isa Rosli, Scott Macdonald, Ian Dennis, Glyn Walters, Stephen Colleaux, Shannon Rae, Kurt Baia (X-43, Glenmore Sailing Club)

    • City Of Victoria Trophy First to Finish on Elapsed Time in Racing Division 2

    • Founders Trophy First Corrected Time in Racing Division 2

    • Lahaina Yacht Club Trustees Trophy Longest Course Sailed to Finish


Racing Class Division 3

  • Planet Express; Skipper Adam Serediuk, Crew: Vern Burkhardt, Carl Blouw, Hayley McIntosh, Michael Koster, Maggie Drinkwater, Bill Jones (Beneteau 43, Royal Victoria Yacht Club)

    • Blue Gavel First to Finish on Elapsed Time in Racing Division 3

    • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Kla-How-Ya Third Overall on Corrected Time

    • County Of Maui Trophy First on Corrected Time in Racing Division 3

    • Maui Community Sailing Foundation Trophy - Environmental Plan - Marine Stewardship


Lahaina Class

  • Millennium Seagull; Skipper Bruce Townson, Crew: Graham Ross, Ryan Gandy, Christian Cotichini, James Pettit, William John McDowell, Chris Theed (Hanse 418, Cascadia Yacht Club)

    • Robbie Robinson Beneteau Trophy for First Overall in Lahaina Class on Corrected Time

  • Annie M; Skipper Steve McCarthy, Crew: Sarah Mackay, Stephen Summers, John McCarthy, William Busch, Gregory Heckmann (Amel Mango 52, Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda)

    • G.F.Y. Turtle Trophy for Last to Finish by the race deadline

    • PIYA 1927 Trophy for Second Overall in Lahaina Class on Corrected Time


Plaque presented for most Vic-Maui Races and Vic-Maui Deliveries; Vern Burkhardt



Final Race Results for the 2022 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race for all boats in the Racing Class and Lahaina Class


Keith Kilpatrick, Boat Captain for Peligroso, graciously accepted the awards from LYC Trustee & MC Jeff Kaiser, on behalf of owner/skipper Doug Baker and crew

Phoenix Skipper Gord Wylie (2nd from left) and crew

Planet Express skipper Adam Serediuk (2nd from left) and crew

Millennium Seagull skipper Bruce Townson and crew at Lahaina Yacht Club (Photo: Jim Innes)

Annie M Skipper Steve McCarthy accepts for himself and crew their awards from LYC Trustee Jeff Kaiser

Xiomara skipper Aidan Walters (at mast) with crew

Vern Burkhardt was acknowledged for his many (13 of each) Vic-Maui races & Maui-Vic Deliveries

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