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Lurline - such fabulous spirit

by Charlotte Gann, July 24th, 2022

Lurline; Gib Black’s Tripp 47 sailing for Kaneohe Yacht Club, had studied up on past Vic-Maui races and, more importantly, routing plus attendant weather and decided 2022 was the year to bring Lurline home to Hawaii. The cold of the Pacific Northwest was a factor in doing the race and it’s a worthy consideration – it’s take almost a week, usually, to get away from the ocean chill and to warmer ocean temps. Gib got an actual pair of sailing boots, his crew are very experienced the Pac Cup & Transpac races and this was their opportunity to take on the real challenge of Vic-Maui, two races in one. Skipper Gib Black was accompanied by navigator Mark Maglin, crew Graham Andrews, Callum O’Neill, Andrew Parker, Jeff Smith, James F Thompson, Rober Drach, Mark Svenson, and Scott Peterson. Though Lurline withdrew from racing due to important time constraints, she has every desire to be in Lahaina with the rest of the fleet and celebrate everyone’s success cuz that’s just the kind of people are on the crew. Aloha!

Though Lurline withdrew from the race, she continued on sailing plus powering with the fleet in order to arrive by July 22 - which she did! It was great to have a few moments with Gib Black and his crew and some of his family before they headed off into the wild blue yonder.

 Callum O'Neill won Lurline's top speed trophy at 16 kts

The trophy Callum has won

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