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Outbreak has landed at Lahaina

by Charlotte Gann, July 22nd, 2022

Outbreak finished at 18:20 HST on July 22; Patrick Fenton’s Nauticat 39, racing for Cascadia Yacht Club, is in the Lahaina Class of Vic-Maui where the rules allow such things as using their engine to advance their position, though this must be recorded in the ship’s log and an adjustment to their corrected time will be made by the Vic-Maui Race Committee upon finishing the race. The Outbreak crew have raced together for a number of years. They have looked forward to this experience, including the preparation it took to become race-ready for a safe and fun sail to Maui which all Vic-Maui competitors are well-trained to focus upon through the many programs and seminars the Race Organizers put together well in advance of the race’s starts. Outbreak did NOT take away creature comforts – they brought along some of the nicer mod-cons like a BBQ, cushions, sun shades, and have a very well-stocked galley. Along with skipper Patrick Fenton is Owen thistle, Michael McAloney, Fiona Curthoys, Terry Sydoryk, and Tanya Brusse-Gendre. Though they’ve had a challenge with their main furler, the Outbreak crew have otherwise enjoyed the journey as well as the destination.

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