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Floating Debris - It Should be a Crime

by Race Committee, August 5th, 2016

Last night we suddenly slowed from 9.5 knots to 6.5 knots.  We suspected we had snagged something but could not see anything in the dark.  We hove to, backed down, hove to on the other tack, etc., but nothing worked.  We waited until dawn when we could see El Netti, a robust section of fishnet estimated at 4 feet x 65 feet.  Battle commenced in earnest.  

At this point in time after hours of effort, it is still a draw.  We have snared and cut free one 4 foot x 40 foot section and parcelled it up on deck for disposal ashore.  We have snared the remaining 4 foot x 25 foot section and tied it forward from the keel towards the bow. Our short term goal is to reduce drag and to keep it clear of the saildrive, propellor and rudder.  Conditions do not currently permit putting anyone in the water to clear the remaining section. We are proceeding at reasonable speed and are continuing to make good progress.  We do not require any assistance.

Sadly, this netting is representative of the extensive amount of marine debris in the North Pacific Gyre, much of it of commercial fishing origin.

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