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Kraken 1, Darby No Score

by Race Committee, July 23rd, 2016

In a real race, not the artificial ones that sailboats make up between themselves, Kraken has beat Mother Nature’s child – Darby. Mark and Annette Malacek’s Beneteau First 40.7 from West Vancouver Yacht Club crossed the finish line around 1:45 pm local time. It was great relief to the many family and fans that greeted Kraken's arrival.

While the approach to the Finish deteriorated a bit, it was mostly in the form of rain, not extra wind. And conditions in the afternoon here in Lahaina are actually nicer than usual in Pailolo Channel. Perhaps this is the proverbial calm before the storm.

Another boat arrives and there is another incredible adventure to talk about. While the race against Darby certainly makes for good drama, the real story was the week of power reaching in high wind conditions. The discussion starts to center on what is part of the boat and what gets included in consumables that the crew shares in. Are spinnakers considered consumables like food and fuel? And while Kraken was cracking on to finish ahead of Darby, one of the crew got cracked on the head yesterday and required stitches, but all is okay if with a slightly bigger scar. It adds to the bruised ribs, broken toes, jammed fingers and wrenched shoulders that many crew aboard all vessels are self-medicating for with MaiTais and Vitamin Ibuprofen.



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