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String Theory Follow Equus In

by Race Committee, July 22nd, 2016

Looking like winners in Div 2, String Theory arrived at 4:25 pm local time on Friday. John Mortimer's Beneteau First 47.7 from Vancouver Rowing Club came in 4 hours behind Dean Conti's Jeanneau 50 Equus sailing for 3 Tree Yacht Club in Des Moine, WA. But with the handicap it is likely that String Theory will correct ahead of Equus, very close rivals for Div 2.

Sporting the same cowboy hats that they displayed at the Start on Jul 10, the Equus crowd looked like their brand of fun continued all of the way to Maui. it is certainly the right way to race with trips up the mast being rewarded with ice cream and the crew being treated to luxuries like showers and BBQ steaks. And other than factory items that the brand-new Equus did not have time to change, the boats behaved incredibly well.

String Theory, or Stink Theory as some of the crew referring to her, looked pretty good on arrival with only the usual list of broken things - it helps to have done Vic Maui recently - String Theory was 2nd Overall in 2014. John and his crew joined the tail end of the Equus welcome party and it turned into great afternoon social at the Pioneer Inn.

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