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Sheesh - What A Day

by Race Committee, July 18th, 2016

Sheesh - What a Day

Race Committee’s day began very early with a note from Kinetic that they had just passed Longboard about 1 mile off. And Longboard had picked that time for a broach, followed by an accidental gybe. It is too bad the early morning murk prevented a photo but all’s well that ends well. 

Then there were a few reports of gear falling apart. Not unexpected for a buster of a race with winds over 20 kts for days at a time, but you keep wondering what is going to break next. But all of the boats continue to rumble top speed and the wind predictor keeps looking better and better for the last 1000 miles to Maui. 

Then Race Committee was notified that Travis McGregor’s Turnagain had suffered a failure of their steering quadrant and they decided to retire from the race and start using the auto-helm. Until they mentioned the upcoming lamb roast, Race Committee was almost feeling sorry for them.

Then Crossfire was approaching Neah Bay with only fumes left in the diesel tank. It turns out they made the fuel dock with very little to spare. Race Committee then facilitated their Custom’s clearance at Port Angeles to see them safety home.

Then the Race Tracker started indicating that 4 boats might break the Vic-Maui record and arrive a day ahead of the families planning to meet them. What could Race Committee do? I guess we could ask Valkyrie, Kinetic, Westerly and Longboard to slow down, but I don't think they would listen.

Then Travis McGregor got thinking about joining the race in Cruising Class. That took some thought. (see related story)

Then it was time for Roll Call. It seems that Valkyrie is having satcomm issues and cannot participate. All is probably well aboard as they continue to literally fly towards Maui. But we did hear from Mountain, who is still making good progress toward San Francisco, now 370 miles away. But that does not stop Race Committee from fretting.

Then, the most recent update from National Hurricane Center indicated that ex-Tropical Storm Celia was lingering northeast of Hawaii and might cause some local high winds and that Hurricane Darby was still on path towards Hawaii. Good seamanship will see the competitors through, but it is a cause more fretting by the Race Committee.

Anyone want this job?


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