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by Race Committee, July 19th, 2014

INCOMING - isn’t that what they to new army recruits to teach them to keep their heads down? Well it is entirely appropriate for the Vic-Maui race as there will be lots of incoming boats in the next 30 hours. And the remnants of Tropical Storm Wali will also be arriving on Maui in the next 30 hours bringing rain.

Sometime around sunset on Saturday John Leitzinger’s Aerodyne 38 Kahuna (sometimes know as El Conquistador in stories best left off the web) will be the next boat to finish. Saturday night can also expect the arrival of String Theory, JAM and Turnagain. And starting Sunday morning Alegria, Kinetic, Family Affair and Turicum will cross the finishing line. Working their way for a finish on Monday and Tuesday are Passepartout, Avalon, Losloper and Bedlam II.

Capricious Pele will give way to Wet Wali. Sailors are normally wary with anything with tropical storm in its name, but the National Weather Service indicates a slight increase in the winds - which will be welcomed by the boats still coming toward Maui. But what will not be welcome is rain. The change in the skies above Maui means it is expected to get wet on Maui as a low pressure ridge hits on Saturday night. Ashore it is an inconvenience. Afloat it means closed hatches. And below decks, which were already humid, will become steam baths. I bet the crews can hardly wait.

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