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Polishing the Silverware

by Race Committee, July 27th, 2014

The Vic-Maui 2014 Awards Banquet was held last night on the front lawn of the Sheraton Maui at Kaanapali in the shadow of Black Rock. Well over 350 guests attended a night of fun, trophies and a last chance to trade sea stories. Ably MC'd by LYC Event Chair Dan O'Hanlon, the night was certainly a celebration of a great event and excellent achievements; and acted as a firm invitation to come again for 2016.

The big winner was Peter Salusbury and his Longboard. Peter took home the LYC Trophy for First to Finish, Elapsed, the RVYC Trophy for First Overall, the LYC Past Commodore's Trophy for First in Class 1, the Jim Innes Trophy for First Canadian Boat to Finish and the Gabrielle 3 Trophy for Best Navigator.

John Mortimer's String Theory took home the Aloha Trophy for second overall, the Founders Trophy for winning Class 2, were part of the team from Vancouver Rowing Club sharing the LYC Foundation Trophy (along with Avalon, Bedlam II and Turicum) recognizing their supporting organization. Navigator Gunnar Jonsson won the Andreas Schueller Memorial Trophy for best predicting ETA at last Roll Call.

John Kerrigan and his New Haven won the Kla-How-Ya Trophy for Third Overall and the Aitch Wookie Perpetual Trophy for first American boat to finish. Eberhard Heinzemann and Colin Jackson on Alegria X took home the LYC Imperial Trophy for 2nd in Class 2, the RVYC Chairman's Trophy for first boat from RVYC to finish, and shared the Denis Cressey Team Trophy with RVYC boats Kinetic and Turnagain for best 3 boat team performance. The Eldred Curtis Memorial Trophy was handed to Kahuna for 3rd in Class 2 , Turnagain took home the County of Maui Trophy for First in Class 3, Passepartout the Boomvangers Trophy for 2nd in Class 3 and Losloper won the Beneteau Trophy for First in Cruising. The Edith Burchett , Vic Maui Spirit of Aloha  and the Pierre Tschamper Trophies were awarded for the Best Banner and Best Greeting Parties recognizing the efforts of the local volunteers who welcomed each boat.

On the lighter side, Alan Slater and Bedlam II were recognized with the GFY Turtle Trophy for last to finish - Alan indicated he didn't need the trophy, he was just happy to find land somewhere. John McPhail and JAM were given the LYC Trustees Trophy (The Great Wheel to steer him toward a future finish line) after sailing the longest course to get to Maui - he was heard to mutter about the shame of not listening to his navigator. And Greg Harms' and Anduril's long sail under emergency tiller was recognized with a broken tiller trophy for First Overall to San Francisco.

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