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Bedlam II Finishes - Vic Maui 2014 is Over

by Race Committee, July 23rd, 2014

Bedlam II crossed the finishing line at 3:30 am local time. Alan Slater's venerable C&C Redline 41, sailing for the Vancouver Rowing Club, had wind all the way to the Finish and was very happy to be on tropical Maui. In fact one crew member said he was very happy to be anywhere, after seeming days of being nowhere. It has been a tough race on many of the boats and crews, and Bedlam was no exception. They sailed for the last 2 days without the benefit of a main sail, battered by too many days of high winds, and kept a nervous eye on their rigging after a couple of failures, the last which injured one of the crew, and forced halyards into service to replace shrouds.

Bedlam II did Vic-Maui 32 years ago and was the featured boat on the Race Program and it is great to welcome them back. It is a very early morning in Lahaina as a crowd starts to gather to greet them.

All Vic-Maui boats are now finished. Results to be published shortly.

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