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Daily Report - July 21 - And Then There Were Three

by Race Committee, July 21st, 2014

After the hectic weekend with 9 boats finishing in very short order, things settled down today. The Waiting Wahine lunch was very well attended and provided a distraction from the busy activity in the harbour and mai tai bar.

Avalon, Losloper and Bedlam II are making steady progress toward the Finish. There was a big worry that in the wake of the low pressure cell that passed yesterday, there would be no wind. But at Roll Call all three boats report making steady progress in good wind. Magnus Murphy's Losloper, a South African built Shearwater 39 and our sole entry in Cruising Division is about 144 miles out and has predicted his ETA at tomorrow around 4:00 pm. Next in to the Finish and the shore-side Welcome Party should be Pieter Smits' Dutch built Contest 44, who is 23 miles behind and will likely finish around the same time. Alan Slater's Bedlam II, a C&C Redline 41, is another 64 miles behind Avalon and is expected just around dawn on Wednesday.


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