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Alegria Survives the Super Squall - Finishes at 10:37 am

by Race Committee, July 20th, 2014

The super-squall that hit the boats close to Maui this morning, did a number on Alegria, Eberhard Heinzemann's new Dufour 45e, sailing out Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. But they were spared from having to deal with spinnakers, having previously decided to rip them all up. They managed to wrestle the main sail down and proceed under jibs until conditions eased closer to the Finish. The boat and crew came through the early morning pounding rain and wind in relatively good order and the boat look ship-shape by the time she got to the waiting families in Lahaina.

Colin Jackson, the skipper, looked none the worse for wear from an earlier shoulder injury - perhaps he was just getting used to it, or from the care of on-board doctor Ken Cunningham. The crew reported several adventures with halyard breakage, including having to dangle the bowman from the mast in 25 kts of wind. But the year old boat performed well, despite preparations for Vic-Maui only being completed in the week before the start.

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