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It is Coming On to Blow

by Race Committee, July 20th, 2014

In the wake of the cold front that arrived on Maui last night as JAM and Turnagain were arriving bringing heavy rain, winds have picked up considerably for the boats still working their way in. Instead of the 15-20 kts in the NWS marine forecast, Kinetic is reporting they have struggling since midnight with winds consistently blowing 35 kts. 

This is definitely not what the boats needed coming to finish in tropical paradise.

And the weather here in Lahaina looks more like the Pacific Northwest in November - the rain is steady, the trees are rustling and spindrift is blowing off the breaking waves. BIG BUT - the temperature here is still 80F and the rain is refreshing. No GoreTex required.

The cold front that is what is left of tropical depression Wali is slowly moving westward, but the high wind warning issued this morning (a little late) mentioned that high winds are associated with thunderheads moving through the area.  They are forecast to abate as the morning progresses. After 2 weeks at sea, lets hope that it abates quickly and gives the remaining boats a reprieve.

As of mid-morning, conditions had abated to merely very windy. Kinetic and Family Affair reported all was well and that were starting to add a little more canvas having the weathered the worst of the squalls. Passeportout reported that they had previously blown up their sail inventory and were sailing along with jib only and had only minor issues getting a reef into the main. Turicum struggled a bit more and reports having blown out their mainsail and heading to the finish under staysail. All 4 boats should arrive this evening to a well deserved rest.

It appears that the other 3 boats further up the course, Bedlam II, Avalon and Losloper did not get the super-squally conditions, but are preparing for it in any case.


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