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Kahuna Breaks Its Mast

by Race Committee, July 19th, 2014

Sometime after 6:00 pm HST, the US Coast Guard reported to the LYC Finish Line that they had received a report that Kahuna had broken its mast just north of the island of Maui. At 7:20 pm HST, Kahuna contacted the Finish Line to report that they had jury-rigged a mast and were proceeding toward the finishing line. They finished at 8:30 pm HST.

It happened out of nowhere. Skipper John Leitzinger reported that the boat was just trucking along in good breeze, but nothing tough. It had been a good race and wonderful sailing. All of a sudden it just broke at the first spreaders and fell over. After making sure no one was injured, there was a bit of panic to straighten things out and clear the worst of the debris. The Kahunas still had a 3rd of a mast and half a mainsail and turning downwind, they managed to make over 4 kts with the wind pushing on the left-overs. With more clearing and securing the stump, they managed a bit more speed and crossed the finish line in good order, if not good appearance.

They arrived in Lahaina to a very enthusiastic greeting crowd and to much relief of the waiting family.

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