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New Haven is Second Boat to Finish

by Race Committee, July 18th, 2014

New Haven had a strong, hot breeze as she shot between Maui and Molokai to finish today just after noon  (12:19 pm to be exact) Hawaii Time. John Kerrigan's Ker 46, hailing from Bainbridge Island, WA and the Port Madison Yacht Club, was the second boat to finish in this year's Vic-Maui race.
Keeping close to Longboard and taking advantage of conditions where New Haven was favoured was the strategy of navigator Steve Goodson. New Haven was looking very good a few days ago, but did not find the most favourable conditions to close the gap heading to the finish.
New Haven was all chaos before she left the dock - the crew of Bob Rinker, his son Woody, Eric Rayl, Alexia Fischer, Georgia Lomax, and John Lovell were observed re-installing the main coach roof windows. But they clearly took care of resources and managed to keep the rate of repair ahead of the rate of breakage.
That is with the exception of the fabled "Frankenkite" reported during daily Roll Call. In the strong breezes off the Oregon Coast, strong gusts ripped two of the spinnakers apart. Using ingenuity and all of the adhesive aboard, the crew managed to use the top of one spinnaker to repair the second and end up with a usable A-3 kite. Thinking this may have been the Vic-Maui equivalent of the "whomper" from an old sailing movie, the Race Committee has the Frankenkite splayed out in Banyan Tree park to check it out. Happily no monsters were found.
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