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The first flying fish.

by Ed Watson, July 10th, 2010

When the first flying fish lands on deck it is a moment of celebration. Everyone aboard realizes it's a sign of warmer water, the tradewinds and the approach of their destination. Most of the boats have had half way celebrations over the past day or so. With favourable winds, this may be one of the fastest races on record. As expected Terremoto! continues to be the fastest boat overall. They report hitting 18 knots surfing down swells. Kinetic continues to be in first place on corrected time. All crews report enjoying the sunshine, black starry nights and increasing temperatures. Soon the happiest people aboard the boats will be those with battery powered portable fans. The kind you can place in your bunk. A little moving air can mean the difference between a comfortable sleep and a sweaty nightmare. Although, at this point fatigue almost assures sleep as soon as a crewmember hits the bed.

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