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The weather takes its toll.

by Ed Watson, July 7th, 2010

Reading crewmember’s accounts of their journey you’re reminded Vic Maui isn’t a pleasure cruise. It’s an endurance race. There are many pleasurable moments, but sailing a small boat in the open ocean with 3 meter seas and 25+ knot winds is a draining, and sometimes dangerous endeavour.  Delicate Balance and her crew are heading to San Francisco having pulled out of the race.  The details aren’t clear, but the crew reports everything in the boat is wet: bedding, clothing, food --- everything. Delicate Balance hasn’t suffered any damage, and there are no reported injuries but she has changed tack and expects to sight the Golden Gate in 2 or 3 days.

Crew members on at least two boats have sustained injuries in the high winds. Aboard Teremoto! Susan cracked or broke some ribs on day two of the race. After consultation with a doctor ashore, and on the insistence of Susan, Terremoto is continuing to Hawaii. The boat is running fast and has less than 1600 miles left in the race.

Aboard Black Watch, Shawn has injured her hip and one of her feet in a fall that sounds similar in nature to the mishap aboard Teremoto! The injury however may not have been as severe. Black Watch is still Hawaii bound, and by all accounts everyone is wet but well fed. With the boats approaching the half-way point of the race everyone hopes the roughest weather is behind them and they can run downhill to Maui, enjoying the tropical sun.

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