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 Aloha and Welcome to the 
Vic-Maui International Yacht Race

Co-hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Lahaina Yacht Club Lahaina Yacht Club


2020 Vic-Maui cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic - see news article below 

Preliminary dates for the 2020 Vic-Maui:  
Entries:  Super-early - March 31, 2019  ●  Early - October 31, 2019  ●  Final - February 28, 2020
Victoria Start Venue:  Opens July 7, 2020  ●  Start date range July 10-17, 2020
Maui Finish Venue:  Opens July 24, 2020 ●  Finish Time Limit July 31, 2020 ●  Awards Banquet August 1, 2020

 Vic-Maui News:

It is Coming On to Blow

by Race Committee, July 20th, 2014

In the wake of the low pressure front that arrived on Maui last night bringing heavy rain, winds have picked up considerable for the boats still working their way in. Instead of the 15-20 kts in the NWS marine forecast, Kinetic is reporting they are struggling with winds consistently blowing 35 kts with gusts up to 50 kts. This is definitely not what the boats needed coming to finish in tropical paradise. Read

What a Night - JAM and Turnagain Finish in Downpour

by Race Committee, July 20th, 2014

As predicted, the remnants of Tropical Storm Wali came ashore on Maui. What we did not need was for the heavy rain to pound just as boats were finishing. JAM and Turnagain finished just after midnight in wet, but light conditions. Then the squall hit on their way to the Lahaina harbour. Read

String Theory Brings it Home

by Race Committee, July 20th, 2014

String Theory finished at 10:25 pm HST on Saturday night. In doing so, she did not quite close the gap on Longboard for First Overall, but did maintain her lead over New Haven and should end up in 2nd Place Overall and winner of Division 2. Read

Kahuna Breaks Its Mast

by Race Committee, July 19th, 2014

Sometime after 6:00 pm HST, the US Coast Guard reported to the LYC Finish Line that they had received a report that Kahuna had broken its mast just north of the island of Maui. At 7:20 pm HST, Kahuna contacted the Finish Line to report that they had jury-rigged a mast and were proceeding toward the finishing line. They finished at 8:30 pm HST. Read

Daily Report - July 19 - Oh, What A Party

by Race Committee, July 19th, 2014

There has been a definite change in the weather on Maui. High clouds have blocked the sun, heralding the arrival of the remnants of tropical storm Wali. And ETA predictions included with the Roll Call are heralding the arrival of a no less than 6 boats in the next 24 hours. Led by Kahuna, there will be a parade across the Finish and into the Welcome Party at the Pioneer Inn. It should be quite a party. Read


by Race Committee, July 19th, 2014

INCOMING - isn’t that what they to new army recruits to teach them to keep their heads down? It is an entirely appropriate term for the next phase of the Vic-Maui race as there will be lots of incoming boats in the next 30 hours. And the remnants of Tropical Storm Wali will also be arriving on Maui in the next 30 hours bringing heaps of rain. Oh Joy! Read

Daily Report - July 18 - Pele is Having Some Fun

by Race Committee, July 18th, 2014

Yesterday I mentioned that Pele, the Hawaiian god of wind (and volcanoes) will have her say. And she is being particularly capricious; delivering different winds over different areas and challenging all 12 boats still working hard to complete their journey. Longboard finished before midnight last night and put up a good time. John Mortimer’s String Theory (with 248 miles to go) still has the best chance to catch Longboard. Read

New Haven is Second Boat to Finish

by Race Committee, July 18th, 2014

New Haven had a strong, hot breeze as she shot between Maui and Molokai to finish today just after noon Hawaii Time. John Kerrigan's Ker 46, hailing from Bainbridge Island, WA and the Port Madison Yacht Club, was the second boat to finish in this year's Vic-Maui race. Read

From the Blog of Family Affair

by Paul Michael, July 18th, 2014

Paul Michael, the Family Affair navigator, talks about handling squalls and solving the mystery of numerous red lights spotted floating during the race. Read

Longboard Roars Across the Finishing Line to Claim Line Honours

by Race Committee, July 18th, 2014

With winds building as she got closer to Maui, Longboard got up and surfed the waves one more time to rip through Pailolo Channel and finish at the Aston Kaanapali Shores an hour before midnight at 22:56. Peter Salusbury and crew claim Line Honours for Vic-Maui 2014 as the first boat to finish. Read

Daily Report - July 17 - The Final Push - But the Wind Goddess Will Have Her Say

by Race Committee, July 17th, 2014

It Race Day 14 and it is smoking hot in Lahaina. But the surf is up and the winds are good, making it the perfect place to be. We will have the first finisher in tonight. But the order of finish and the Overall Winner on corrected time could be any one of several boats. It all depends on the capriciousness of Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of wind, in addition to stirring up volcanoes). And Brad Baker give his final assessment of the run to the finish Read

Daily Report - July 16 - Tomorrow; Is Only a Day Away

by Race Committee, July 16th, 2014

As people on the beach in West Maui will have noticed, the wind has filled in. The trade winds have finally started blowing like they are supposed to and all boats in the Vic-Maui fleet are rumbling. With the stronger winds, Peter Salusbury’s Longboard has picked up the pace and is surfing. At 5:00 pm HST today, she was 256 miles from the Finish and should finish late Thursday afternoon. Read

From the Blog of Turnagain

by Travis McGregor, July 16th, 2014

What is life like on the west side of the Rhumb Line? Here is an excerpt from the blog of Turnagain, Travis McGregor's Beneteau 50. "Today marks our third consecutive day of pounding the boat into the wind towards Maui while we wait patiently for King Neptune to deliver the downwind breeze that was promised in the promotional materials." Read

The End is Not Quite in Sight, But Close

by Race Committee, July 15th, 2014

As of 5:00 pm Maui Time, Peter Salusbury’s Riptide 35 Longboard and John Kerrigan’s Ker 46 New Haven are keeping close tabs on each as they approach Maui and the Finish at Kaanapali Shores. With 476 miles to go, Longboard has a 52 mile lead and is setting up for the final gybe and run into Pailolo Channel, probably early on Friday morning. But she owes New Haven handicap time and it is a neck and neck battle for the overall winner and winner of Class 1. Read

Daily Report - July 15 - Sprinting to the Finish; Times Three

by Race Committee, July 15th, 2014

The mainland end of the Race Committee apologizes for taking the day off yesterday while travelling to Maui to assist the Lahaina Yacht Club end who looks after the Finish Line. I hate to report to all readers that the weather on Maui is perfect. As the day gets going on the Vic Maui fleet, there is lots of intermingling with the fleet of Pacific Cup boats. Kinetic reported seeing a boat at first light, probably Green Buffalo, a Cal 40 competing double-handed. Looking at the Pacific Cup tracker shows that all the big boats in their fleet (Pyewacket, Hula Girl, etc.) are pointed right at the heart of the Vic Maui fleet about 150 miles back and closing. Read

Daily Report - July 13 - The Table is Set. But Who Wants to Dine

by Race Committee, July 13th, 2014

The table is set. But who wants to dine is still up in the air. As Roll Call finishes, it is apparent that the 3 boats in Class 1 are stretching south of the Zone of Death and finding the first zephyrs of the trade winds. AND We are happy to report that Anduril has reached San Francisco and is into a boatyard. Greg harms and crew will reach Maui by air. Read

From the Blog of String Theory

by John Mortimer, July 13th, 2014

An excerpt from the Blog of String Theory which tries to explain the strange weather pattern and String Theory's tactical decision on how to deal with it. Read

The Fleets are Mixing

by Race Committee, July 13th, 2014

The front of the Vic-Maui fleet is not amongst the early starters of the Pacific Cup race and the faster Pac Cup boats will soon be among the Vic-Maui fleet. Instead of 14 boats making for Hawaii, there will be about 65. Read

Daily Report - July 12 - The High, the Hight, the White High

by Race Committee, July 12th, 2014

Like Captain Ahab seeking the white whale, the Vic-Maui fleet is seeking a way out of the Pacific High that has set up over the fleet. Read

Daily Report - July 11 - Who Has Seen the Wind?

by Race Committee, July 11th, 2014

W.O. Mitchell asked the question in a book about growing up in Saskatchewan. But the boats are living the phrase right now. The thin but growing Pacific High has enveloped the fleet and put a totally different complexion on the race after a couple days of hard sailing. It is now a race to find the quickest way through the scooge. Read

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