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Red Sheilla Finishes

by Richard Ballantyne, July 23rd, 2012

Jim Innes' Red Sheilla, a Beneteau 49TR hailing out of the Waikiki Yacht Club, completed the course in 15 days, 16 hours and 53 minutes. After being plagued by weaker winds for a few days, the trades returned to their former strength in the past 24 hours and pushed Red Sheilla fast to the finish.

Oh for the want of a few good sails! Jim reported that the first of their sail problems occurred just after Race Passage when their #1 Genoa inexplicably tore along the leech panel hampering their progress getting out of Juan de Fuca Strait. Then they had issues with their spinnaker self destructing in gusty winds; like many other competitors. Calling upon her inner "Betsy Ross", Tori Perrot meticulously sewed together the genoa over 2 days, then stitched together the big deep running spinnaker to get the horsepower needed to take advantage of the winds to power to the welcoming finish. 

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