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The Return Delivery

by Race Committee, August 3rd, 2016

The trophies have been handed out, the mai-tais all consumed and most of the crews have flown home back to work. And now it is time for the boats to return.

Most of the boats have commenced the voyage back to home port. The Delivery Crew have different looks - some have a smaller version of the race crew, some have entirely new crew, others have professional delivery skippers. And the voyage back has it is own challenges - how to get around the Pacific High, how much fuel to carry, is there enough freezer space for the tuna everyone wants to catch.

Eleven boats (Amiskwi, Canard, Ion, Kinetic, Kraken, Longboard, Miles, Rain Drop, Salient, Turnagain, Westerly) have trackers for the way home and their progress can be followed on the Race Tracker. They report the early going conditions to be as tough as the race, with strong winds and lots of squalls. And Salient has had to return to Kauai to drop a sick crew member off. But the pressures of racing and the need for running spinnakers all night long are gone; hopefully making the passage pleasant.

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